Tacoma Transportation Master Plan

The City of Tacoma has begun work on a transportation master plan that will guide transportation decisions over the coming decades.

When the plan is complete it will be Tacoma's first comprehensive transportation master plan, meant to help inform decision-making on issues like the debates around how to choose an expansion route for the Link that we saw last year.

This is not to be confused with the Sound Transit long-term regional planning that is also going on right now.

In this current round of public input, the City invites the public to take an online survey, available at cityoftacoma.org/tmp. The survey focuses on public transportation needs and improvements, asking Tacomans for feedback on their personal transportation use, and how they have been affected by recent Pierce Transit cuts. The survey asks for top priorities for transit service enhancements from a list, and gives space for reasons for the choices.

If you'd like to talk to City staff about the plan in person, you can find them at a few public events throughout the month: Tacoma Pride Festival on July 12, Ethnic Fest, and a Strategic Plan Visioning Community Workshop on July 30. 

A lot of public sentiment has called for a transportation master plan to help Tacoma plan and prioritize its transportation investments. Are you ready for another survey?

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