The Boys in the Boat at the Museum of Glass

If you've been down to the Foss Waterway lately, you may have noticed a new work of art in the long water feature between the Foss and the Museum of Glass. If you haven't, next time you're down that way, stop to check it out.

The long oars, jutting at angles out of the pool, are a piece called "The Boys in the Boat," which celebrates the 2015 Pierce County Library READS book by the same name.

The book The Boys in the Boat by Daniel James Brown, tells the story of the 1936 University of Washington crew team and their epic quest for gold at the Berlin Olympics. The Pierce County Library website shares a few more bullet points on the story.

  • Set against the grim backdrop of the Great Depression
  • Stormed the rowing world, transformed the sport and galvanized the attention of millions of Americans
  • Reaffirmed the American notion that hard work and merit outweighs birthright
  • Reminded the country of what can be done when everyone quite literally pulls together

The sculpture The Boys in the Boat was created by students in a UW Tacoma arts course titled "Ideas Through Objects," in collaboration with the University of Washington Tacoma Library, Pierce County Library System, and the Museum of Glass. According to the course description, the class (TARTS 367) "Explores the metaphorical possibilities within objects through various contemporary art-marking techniques. Emphasis on the development of meaning through the creation or manipulation of objects."

It's nice to see some new public art for users of the public esplanade to enjoy. Now we'll have to read the book.

More about Pierce County Reads, including more on The Boys in the Boat, author Brown, upcoming events, and locations you can get 15% off (psst, King's Books is one of them) on the Pierce County Library READS page.

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Joyce Wendlandt

A good friend of mine just finished reading this book and loved it, so I’ll be doing the same as soon as I finish “Unbroken.”  Thanks for this post.

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