The Cloves Pay Homage to Tacoma With “Revival” Video

We like seeing Tacoma look good. In print. In pictures. In video. Even better if it sounds good too. "Admit it Tacoma, you're beautiful," local Tacoma band The Cloves say in their release materials for their new video, and they certainly show off a beautiful Tacoma.

For this video of an acoustic version of "Revival," the title track off their debut album The Cloves include sweeping shots of the Stadium District, and Commencement Bay. Intermixed with the scenery, the video also features breezy shots of the band playing in the Romanesque bell tower of the First Presbyterian Church at the corner of Tacoma Avenue and Division.

The Cloves - Revival from AM STUDIO FILMS on Vimeo.

And yes, that closing shot is of a Beautiful Angle poster - letter pressed for them with lyrics of the song. We enjoyed the video, and the song, but the last thing the world needs is another music critic, so we'll just let you listen and watch and enjoy for yourselves. 

The Cloves:

  • Michael Hochstatter: lead vocals, guitar 
  • Kevin Poleskie: vocal, shaker
  • James Coates, guitar, vocals
  • Alec Duggan: cello
  • Maggie Booher: violin 
  • Video shot by Michael Rabb of AM Studios.

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K to the F

Was that drone footage legal? I suppose if they make no money off this video it may not be considered a commercial use. :)

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