The Latest Point Ruston Addition: Mio Sushi

More Point Ruston news - we just got word that a new sushi restaurant will be opening in the waterfront development.

Tacoma, Wash. – December 10, 2014 – Point Ruston, the Northwest’s newest waterfront neighborhood, announces that Mio Sushi, a full-service Japanese restaurant, will open its newest location immediately adjacent to the nine-screen Century Theatres. Along with WildFin American Grill, Mio Sushi is planning a Grand Opening in Spring 2015 to coincide with the opening of the Century Theatres.

Mio Sushi at Point Ruston will contain more than 50 seats and will offer patrons a menu that combines classic and creative fusion dishes that reflect the local flavors and ingredients of the Pacific Northwest. The menu will feature a variety of fresh hand-pressed Nigiri, premium custom-designed rolls, and the classic rolls that we all love. Customers will also have the opportunity to make their own customized rolls by choosing from an assortment of fresh ingredients.

“We at Mio Sushi are beyond excited to bring our customer-centric restaurant to the waterfront neighborhood at Point Ruston,” says Sonny Kim, Owner of Mio Sushi. “Our customers visit us for the exceptional value we offer making Mio Sushi our customer’s Japanese restaurant of choice, time and again. It is our honor to invite you to explore our extensive menu of traditional and well-crafted fusion dishes that are sure to please kids, sushi novices and experts alike,” he added.

“Mio Sushi is a fantastic addition to the diverse restaurant offerings that will make Point Ruston the preferred dining and entertainment destination in the region,” stated Mike Cohen, Managing Partner of Point Ruston LLC. “At Point Ruston our patrons will enjoy the convenience of a one-stop dining, entertainment, and shopping experience, all within our beautiful waterfront location. We can’t wait for Mio Sushi to open!”

"Make your own rolls" sounds like it could be either quite fun or quite messy - likely both. With a waterfront view, a movie theater, and fresh dining choices, Tacoma's newest neighborhood is starting to fill in...

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