The Return of Pacific Brewing Company

Pacific Brewing Company was one of the first commercial breweries in Tacoma, way back in 1897, helping to give the Brewery District its name. Now, 115 years later, a new Pacific Brewing Company is back in town.

Pacific Brewing & Malting Co. will be a little ways north of the home of the original; founders Steve Navarro and Brent Hall will be setting up shop in the City Hall Annex, next door to Old City Hall, and across the street from the future site of the McMenamins in the old Elks Building.

Pacific Brewing plans to start construction on the interior of the building soon, with a planned opening date sometime this fall. The City Hall Annex will be home to the brewery’s operations, as well as a tap room that will seat up to 60. Beers will include the flagship Pacific Beer, “a premium pre-prohibition style lager,” and other beers including an IPA, a Hefeweizen, and a porter.

The new Pacific Brewing and Malting Company is going by the motto of the original company: Pacific Beer. Best East or West. We’re looking forward to tasting to see how they measure up to that promise … and it’s amazingly convenient that we can see the building from our desk windows.

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