The Start of Spring Means the Start of Farmers’ Market Season

The return of the farmers' markets is one of the signs that winter really is over. So along with the blooming buds and chirping birds, this weekend we get to celebrate spring with opening day of the Proctor Farmers' Market.

The tents go up Saturday morning, and local farmers officially open their stands for business at 9 a.m. They'll be there at 27th and Proctor every Saturday from now until December 19 - plenty of opportunties to stop by and support your local farmers.

When you stop by the market this Saturday, expect live music from musicians Pete Reed, and Sunday Speedtrap; a tasting booth featuring White Heron Cellars. The live music and wine/cider/beer tastings continue all year, and later in the season the market will include cooking demos, community booths, kids activities and more. More on the Proctor market here.

What's fresh now? Greens, farm eggs, pasture raised meats, wild caught fish, veggie starts, flowers, and more.

And while Proctor is always the first to open and last to close for the year, it's not the only market in Tacoma. The Broadway and 6th Avenue markets open in May and the South Tacoma Market at the STAR Center starts up in June. 

More about those markets here.

We can't wait. What's on your shopping list this weekend?

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