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This Weekend: 5 Fun Things

It's Friday, and we know we're not alone in keeping an eye on the clock, waiting for the work day to tick away. As we wait, we've got one eye on the clock, and the other on our events calendar - and we're seeing the return of a few annual favorites, along with a couple new ones... 

  1. Tacoma Arts Month Kick-Off - During the month of October Tacoma celebrates its arts community, with special events, studio tours, performances, participatory workshops and more. It all gets going this Friday, October 2, with a big kick-off event at the Tacoma Armory. The historic Armory building will open its doors to guests, who can enjoy the festivities, including live music, appetizers, dessert, a no-host bar, dance and poetry performances, interactive art-making, "Aerial and cirque performances," and more. It's free to attend for the whole family. Details here. 
  2. Tacoma Greek Festival - If you've never been to the Tacoma Greek Festival, put on by Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church for the last 50+ years, you're missing out. St. Nicholas invites the community to join them for traditional Greek food, dancing, music, and tours of the church. The tent is up at South 15th and Yakima, and they're ready for you. Admission is free, and the spanikopita and baclava are both worthwhile investments. Details here.
  3. Pacific Brewing 1st Anniversary Party - One year ago Pacific Brewing & Malting Company resurrected the historic Pacific Brewing label, opening its doors at the northern end of Pacific, right next to Old City Hall - about a mile from the Brewery District, where the original Pacific Brewing operated until it was shut down by prohibition about a century ago. Since then the new PB&M Co has served up some tasty brews in its cozy space in the also historic space. Join them this Saturday as they celebrate their first birthday as all one-year-olds should: with kegs of special brews alongside some old favorites. Details here.
  4. Envirohouse: Weatherization & Duct Sealing - Okay, maybe this isn't quite as festive as some of the other events on the list, but you can throw your own party with all the money you'll save weatherizing your house for the winter. At this free workshop put on by the City of Tacoma's EnviroHouse this Saturday, attendees will learn all the ins and outs of weather-proofing their homes for the winter - resulting in warmer, cozier winter months, and lower winter heating bills. The one catch is you have to register today to attend this workshop, and there are only a couple seats left. Can't make this one? Try one of the other fall workshops from the EnviroHouse. More info and links to register here.
  5. Hunger Walk - This annual event put on by Associated Ministries gives you a chance to help out those less fortunate than you. If you have enough food on your shelves to keep your family fed through the weekend, think about those who might not, and join the AM folks for a 5 or 10 k walk or run this Sunday. Half of the proceeds go to the local Emergency Food Network, and the other half go to international hunger relief agencies of your choice. Finish up your weekend by doing something good. Details here.

That's our very full weekend in Tacoma - what do your plans look like?

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