This Weekend: I Hope They Bring a Taco Truck!

Now you are probably asking yourself, what the hell does he mean with that title? Well, before I give away the secret, I want to say that this weekend could be a relaxing one, or one for the books. What I mean by this is I am supplying you with four very fun activities – two requiring to you be over 21 years old, and two for you and your (younger) loved ones; this include partaking in various strains of pot and craft beer as well as sending you on an adventure to see how the zoo keepers at Northwest Trek feed their animals and a Summer Bash Movie Event at the Portland Avenue Community Center. So strap in for whatever adventure you choose, and hit the streets (or taco truck if you’re going to the Tacoma Cannabis Classic).


Saturday August 29th, 2015

South Sound Craft Beer Festival – Presented by Drink Washington Beer

This event needs no introduction – if you enjoy sampling ridiculously delicious adult beverages you will most likely want to attend this event. From the looks of it you will be spending $20 a person for admission, and in return you will receive six tokens and a 5oz tasting cup. Now I know some of you are thinking that you would like to try more than six beers since there are going to be over 100 beers to try, but don’t worry there will be a booth supplying more tokens for a small monetary fee!

The great part about this event is that they will also be taking care of the designated drivers for this by giving them a $5 admission and an unlimited supply of soda and water to drink while you sample the beers. Your first little glass of beer should be tipped up by 12:15pm, because the event starts at noon and for those of you that go to these things you know the good ones go quick.

Find details, including where to park here.


Tacoma Cannabis Classic – Presented by NW Cannabis Classic

This one may need a little more introduction. Since we're talking about inebriants, and since it is legal now... The Tacoma Cannabis Classic is for the occasional smoker and the everyday user alike. The best part about this affair is that you can spend one, two, or three days (for the overzealous VIP patrons) at this event. During this epic Maryjane Classic there will be over 100 vendors showcasing their top glass products and strains as well as cannabis competitions for the guests and sports/gaming lounges to hangout in after the competitions. Food trucks will of course be supplied for those that get hungry during the party, and just as the headline says – I hope they have a taco truck!

The daily rates vary from Saturday and Sunday, but only the VIP guest and vendors will be allowed in on Friday. If you are planning on going to this event on Saturday your fee will be $40 if you buy online, and will increase if you pay at the door; it is worth noting that admissions at the door will be cash only.

This event tokes up at noon Saturday and will be ending around 8pm for those that plan to stay all day.

Details at


Feeding Frenzy! – Presented by Northwest Trek Wildlife Park

And now for something a little more wholesome. This is a great opportunity to get to see something that many people would overlook, and that is how the zookeepers feed the animals at Northwest Trek. From what I gather the animals need to be creatively engaged for them to continue with their natural food-finding behaviors like they do in the wild. Feeding Frenzy is a great chance to take the family out on a fun little adventure to learn about the behaviors and eating habits of your favorite zoo animals!

The feeding frenzy begins at 11:30am with the wetlands animals, and ends at 3:30pm with you and your family getting to meet a critter up close at a trailside encounter.

Find more information on pricing or the event at


Summer Bash & Movie – Presented by Click! And BECU

This is a great event to go out to with your little ones and enjoy the last bit of summer fun before school starts and summer is over.  The movie that everyone will be watching is Big Hero 6. For those of you who have not seen it, it’s just as good for the adults as it is for the kids. The movie will be shown at Stewart Park, and the show will begin roughly around dusk or 6:30pm.

It is also worth noting that if you plan on attending this event you will want to keep an eye on the weather and the Metro Parks website because it could be cancelled because of the rain this weekend.

Details at


Thank you for reading my weekly blog! If you have any events that you would like to see on my board please send them to and I will be sure to check them out. Again, I really enjoy writing this for you all each week and I hope you are already looking forward to next week’s shenanigans.

Your “Weekend Sherpa”,


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