The Most Important Stories of 2014… Or At Least the Most Read Stories

'Tis the season of top 10 lists. Well, we're not above jumping on the bandwagon and taking a look back at our year. A quick look at our top stories gives us a superficial idea of what's most likely to get your attention... or something like that. We'll try not to draw too many conclusions.

That said, here they are - our top 12 most read stories of 2014.

12) A rare vintage look at Tacoma

This was just a fun one to share. An 8mm film taken of Tacoma's Stadium District a long time ago. Some of the buildings shown are still here, some are lost to history.


11) Chinese investors propose a 2 tower 30 story downtown development

This was pretty big news when it was announced last spring, and as the deal progressed throughout the year. We're guessing it will continue to be news in 2015 too.


10) Bass Pro Shop to open in Tacoma complete with bowling alley

Apparently Bass Pro Shop is big news. Such big news, in fact, that this story from 2013 continues to get enough attention to put it on our top stories list for a second year in a row.


9, Andy warhol flower or corporate sponsorship for Tacoma Dome

We actually wrote about the Warhol Flower several times over the last year, but this one got the most attention. Maybe it was the idea of corporate sponsorship for the Dome that got you all excited. 


8) Vote for Tacoma Fire Department's chicken en croute

The firefighters at Tacoma Fire's Station 12 strutted their stuff in a music video and on live TV as part of a Good Morning America contest to raise funds for a local charity. Part of the contest had them share a favorite recipe. You read, you voted... you may even have cooked the tasty looking main course they shared.


7) Kickstarting the Defiant Goldfish

The Goldfish Tavern has been sitting conspicuously empty since closing in October 2012, so we were glad to hear that that someone had taken on the challenge of fixing up the old bar. We weren't alone. With the help of supporters, the new owners successfully funded their $22,000 Kickstarter campaign. Now all that's left is the hard work of bringing the place up to code and getting the doors open...


6) Drone technology makes for an awfully pretty video of Tacoma

Videos of Tacoma today can be at least as popular as historic film. This one was shot by a drone flying high over Tacoma and Pierce County. The vast panoramic views are about as different in production value as you can get from the 8mm film shot nearly 100 years ago.


5) A Chick-Fil-A for Tacoma?

As with the Bass Pro story, apparently Chik-Fil-A is popular enough to put it among our top stories for two years as well (although there was a January 2014 update when the chicken chain's permit application was approved). The Bass Pro is open, but construction on the Chik-Fil-A is still underway, with an opening expected in 2015.


 4) Stadium Bowl floods - don't forget to rake your leaves

Another video of Tacoma takes 4th place. This was a pretty epic sight, as the Stadium High School field flooded with water, and all those steps turned into one enormous water feature.


3) Point Defiance Tap & Grill: A Northwest Centric Pub-Meets-Bistro

A non-chain restaurant opening takes third place. The new restaurant and bar with a Northwest themed menu features the best of local and regional small producers. 


2) Tacoma Fire Department struts its stuff

Even more popular than Tacoma Fire Department Station 12's chicken en croute was the exceptionally well-produced video that showcases their dancing, lip syncing, and lifesaving skills, all set to the sounds of Capital City's "Safe & Sound." 


1) Monkeyshines

In first place is one of the stories we know will make the list every year - Monkeyshines, the mysterious, magical event brings joy to Tacomans every year around the Chinese New Year, when glass balls crafted by anonymous artists are hidden all over the city. 2014, the year of the horse, was plenty magical - the excitement started with marbles from the mysterious Marbleman, and grew when news of the first found Monkeyshine came in. We even got a little sneak peak with some behind the scenes pictures of the Monkeyshine making process.

2015 should be even bigger for Monkeyshines - it's the last of the 12 years that make up the Chinese New Year cycle, and the goal is to make and hide more glass balls than ever before.


It's always interesting to look back and see what got the attention of the masses in a given year, and to compare that to what we thought the most important stories were. What would go on your top 10 list of stories for 2014?

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