Tacoma Tour of Urban Living 2006

The Tour of Urban Living is this weekend (Oct. 14th and 15th from 10:00 am).  We’ve seen the Triangle Townhomes, Vintage Y, and Bridge Condominiums the last two years.  We’ll be heading to those projects again this year.  The Dorothy Condominiums in the Stadium District are in a great building.  We’ll definitely swing by there and see how they fit a washer/dryer in every unit (some of those studios were quite small).  The Ansonia is an amazing vintage apartment building that is going through the condo conversion process now.  It’s located across the street from the Dorothy and, while not open, we’ll definitely check it out.  The Ansonia sales info can be previewed at the Dorothy.  The most exciting new project to us is the Old City Hall.  We’ve never seen what they have in mind for the place so this will be our opportunity to hear the story.  The sales office will be open this weekend. 

We have friends from Seattle that may be in the market for a Tacoma condo and a move to the South.  This will be our time to show off what we’ve done in the last few years.  So many places to visit.  So little time. 

I hate to take sides and pick favorite projects, but I’ve been asked by several friends to publish the properties that I wouldn’t want to miss.  It’s not that I don’t like the other projects, but several of them won’t open until 2008 or they simply don’t intrigue me for one reason or another.  So I apologize for anybody not on my short list. 

This is our list of can’t miss condo projects in town.  If you have the time, don’t stop with these ones.  The complete list of participating properties can be found on the Tacoma BIA Website.

For Sale

Completed – For Sale Now!

Bridge Condominiums
744 Market St.

2100 S. Yakima Ave.

Dorothy Condominiums
301 N. Tacoma Ave.

Triangle Townhomes
408 6th Ave.

The Vintage Y
714 Market St.


Preview Only

... but I’m sure they’ll take your money.


Ansonia Condominiums
Coming Spring 2007
Preview at 301 N. Tacoma Ave.
219 N. Tacoma Ave.

Renaissance at Old City Hall
Coming Winter 2007
625 Commerce St.

CrossWater Condominiums
Coming Fall 2008
Preview at 326 E. ‘D’ St.

The Esplanade
Coming Winter 2007
Preview at 1707 Dock St.

Hanna Heights Condominiums
415 6th Ave.

Reverie at Marcato
1501 Tacoma Ave.

The Roberson
Coming Spring 2007
Preview at sales center south of 714 Market St.
708 Market St.

For Lease

Albers Mill Lofts
1821 Dock St.

Thea’s Landing
1705 Dock St.

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