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Two Landmark Poles for Tacoma

Every once in a while we see a pair of stories that it's hard not to lump together. Two pole-related stories from this week really have nothing to do with each other - aside from the fact that they're about giant poles being erected in Tacoma, but we won't let that stop us.

Tacoma Totem Pole

Despite all bids coming in over the amount anticipated for the project, it looks like the Tacoma Totem Pole will get its new support structure.

It has been an involved process for the 110-year old Totem Pole, since it was discovered to be structurally unsound last year. First there was the discussion of whether or not to save the pole at all. When the decision was made to save it, a discussion followed of how to support the pole. Once a design was reached that would have the pole held up, bolted to a supporting metal pole, the bid was put out, but only one response was received, and that was more than the City's estimate.

The project, listed at $50,000, initially brought in only one bid at $63,100. A second posting of the project brought in twice the bids of the first, with the original bidder making the same offer, and a second bid at $58,000. The City has accepted that bid, and work is scheduled to begin on the support structure in the next couple months, according to the TNT.

Tacoma Screw Flag POLE

In other Tacoma pole-related news, the TNT tells us that Tacoma Screw plans to raise the largest flag pole in the Northwest in honor of its 70th anniversary. Actually, the TNT reports it will be the biggest flag pole north of California, and west of the Mississippi River. The 180-foot pole will rise out of the Nalley Valley, carrying a 40-foot by 80-foot flag.

So, there you have it.

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That will be quite a display. I look forward to seeing it. Will it need to have a flashing light on top to warn small aircraft?

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