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UWT Recognizes Dawn Lucien

A little bird told us that UW Tacoma has named one of its boardrooms after Dawn Lucien - more specifically, the University has renamed the Tacoma Room the Dawn Lucien Boardroom.

In case you're somehow unfamiliar with her, Lucien has been getting things done in Tacoma for decades now, both officially and unofficially. She served on the City Council, has acted as advisor to a list of politicians, and has supported the arts in Tacoma. More recently, she was named one of the Business Examiner's Women of Influence in 2008, and in 2013 she was part of the group recognized with the Chamber's New Tacoma Ghilarducci Award for years of work to get the Murray Morgan Bridge rehabilitated. It is nearly impossible to list all of Dawn Lucien's accomplishments in this city and that list goes back decades.

The conference room on the third floor of UWT's GWP building will now be known as Dawn Lucien Boardroom in honor of her work to effectively bring together elected officials and community in support of UW Tacoma.

She's been a busy woman, and she's not done yet.

Photo credit and thank you to Steve for the tip.

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