VeloFemmes Invites Women to Ride

VeloFemmes: Tacoma women. Having fun. Riding bikes.

Sounds simple. Sounds fun. Sounds like a great way to spend your Thursday evening.

A group of Tacoma women is working to encourage more women to get out on two wheels - and they’re kicking off their effort with a free cycling celebration and bike ride on June 20 in downtown Tacoma.

The event is open to all women and will include bike maintenance support by 2nd Cycle, commuter tips, art, jewelry, helmet-friendly hairstyles by Hair by Carina, chalk art, food and fun giveaways – all by women and for women. The bike ride is designed to be accessible to all levels of cyclists and on any type of bike. It will culminate in food and drinks at the Tap Room on the outside patio.

Anyone who’s spent time in countries like the Netherlands that rely more on bicycles for transportation has seen both men and women riding bikes in all sorts of attire, headed to all sorts of destinations - bike commuters in suits, women in heels and skirts, kids on their way to school, older people doing their shopping… In the U.S. only 24% of bicycle trips are made by women. Velofemmes wants to break down the barriers for women, and bring that percentage closer to 50%. 

“Anyone can ride their bike but a commuting bike ride can be really intimidating. We want to make cycling really accessible through our work with VeloFemmes. We hope women will come as they are, whether they are most comfortable riding in work clothes, spandex, or summer dresses,” says Kristina Walker, Downtown On the Go Manager. “Someone who gets their start at a VeloFemmes event may turn into a bike commuter in the future.”

So, to quote the Tacoma Wheelmen’s event post: “An open invitation to the women out there who might want to ride, already love to ride, or are a bit timid and need some moral support: Find a bicycle. Grab a helmet. You’re among friends. Let’s ride.”

Event details and RSVP on Facebook, or read the full VeloFemmes press release.

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