What is the Role of the Arts in Our Community?

The final installment of Conversations RE: Tacoma for 2013 takes place this Thursday. Timed to coincide with the Third Thursday Art Mingle, the topic this time is "The Social and Cultural Role of a Vibrant, Livable Community."

The arts have a major influence on the livelihood of a community and Tacoma has a lot to offer in the area of the arts. Is the pulse of vibrancy reaching the entire community? Discuss with us what’s happening now and what we want to see happen in the future.

The presence of the arts seems evident in downtown Tacoma, and with murals and other pieces of public art continuing to pop up around town, we're at least seeing art in other neighborhoods, but is the whole community really feeling the impact? 

If you accept the premise that the arts do indeed have a major impact on the livelihood of a community, what do you see being done well in this realm? What else could be done?

Think about it now. Join the conversation tomorrow night.

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The role of arts is quite important in our community. As someone who has seen art play a huge role in the perfectwriter.co.uk community I work at, I know what I am talking about. You can ask different people there and they’ll say the same thing.

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