What’s Fun in Tacoma This Weekend?

Tacoma Local Events for July 30th – August 2nd

I would like to start off by introducing myself - my name is Alan, and I am the newest member to the Exit133 writing team. I will be providing you with events happening each week in our local community. If you want, you can think of me as your event Sherpa leading you to a weekend full of fun and excitement in Tacoma!

For this week we have plenty to talk about to include the Tacoma Runners 5k run, Metro Park’s Tiptoe through the Tide Pools Walk, The Museum of Glass’ Party on the Piazza, and Tacoma’s Proctor Farmers’ Market - so set your Starfleet Phasers to fun as we embark on an awesome weekend adventure.


Tacoma Runners 5k – Thursday, July 30th

The Tacoma Runners Group welcomes all runners and friendly beer drinkers alike to join them each week at a designated bar, which you can find by going to their Facebook page or www.tacomarunners.com.

The run this week will be held at Hank’s (aka the Corner Bar), and will be jumping off at 6:30pm.

For those of you who have not been there for a while I would encourage you to go and check what they have done to the place after their big renovation; this includes the giant new neon sign they have outside now. Although they have done a great job cleaning the place up the bar still has a very relaxed feel with the same variety of adult beverages on tap, and every beer you can possibly imagine being showcased on their walls.

Also, this week the running group will be celebrating two of their own runners, Choi and Cara, getting hitched by having a themed “fancy pants” run! The two runners’ relationship blossomed surrounded by sweaty shorts, and cold pints, so I find it fitting that the Tacoma Runners are throwing them a party doing what they love in clothes they never get to wear.  I really look forward to seeing who will be bringing their fanciest pants (or shorts) to the party; I can tell you now that I will be sporting my fanciest patriotic attire for the night.


Metro Park’s Tiptoe through the Tide Pools Walk – Saturday, August 1st

If you enjoy going to the beach, and learning about what types of little critters are scurrying around in the Puget Sound tide pools this might be a fun way to spend your day. This would be an awesome excuse to take the family out for a fun adventure, or who knows, even a date! Tiptoe through the Tide Pools will be put on by the Tacoma Nature Center, with volunteers leading groups through the tide pools. Find more information on this event by going to www.metroparkstacoma.org/calendar

This event will begin at Titlow Beach near Steamers Café, and your boots (or sandals if you’re feeling adventurous) should be on at 11:00am.


Tacoma Museum of Glass’ Party on the Piazza – Saturday, August 1st

Fom the title you should have guessed that the Tacoma Glass Museum is back at it again with a day of excitement for you and all your friends. This event is celebrating the opening of Chilhuy’s Venetians: The George R. Stoemple collection with an all-day event of pizza tossing, ridiculously crazy pasta eating contests, a live band, and of course beautiful art. Furthermore, to add to the awesomeness of the event the Glass Museum will not be charging for any of the fun outside, and a look at the exhibits inside (including the Chihuly art) will only cost you the normal admission rate.

The weather is supposed to be bright and sunny, so this is a great excuse to get out and enjoy the weather on Thea Foss Waterway and have some good ole fashion Italian-themed fun. This event kicks off at 10:00am and continues throughout the day. If you would like more information on this event please visit http://museumofglass.org/event-calendar?cid=1&ceid=1509&cerid=0&cdt=8%2f1%2f2015


Tacoma Farmers Market  in the Proctor District – Sunday, August 2nd Saturday, August 1st

The Tacoma Farmers Market is held in the Proctor district each Sunday, rain or shine, supplying the community with fresh vegies and other local foods, wine, and assorted arts and crafts you need in your home. I know I always get excited about the delicious green smoothie booth that’s always there, but if that’s not your fancy you can always find the fresh caught salmon and beautiful starter plants available for the taking as well. If you would like to learn more about this event visit their website: www.proctorfarmersmarket.com

This is a great way to begin your morning with the dog or significant other, and begins roughly around 9:00am.

(And in case you miss the Proctor Market on Saturday, there's always the South Tacoma Farmers' Market on Sunday!)


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Ronnie Bush

Proctor Farmer’s Market is always on Saturday, not Sunday, as stated.

July 30, 2015 at 5:33 pm / Reply / Quote and reply

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This Saturday (August 1st) is also Proctor Arts Fest which closes down Proctor and several side streets. http://proctorartsfest.com/

The Farmer’s Market is still running but it’ll be swarming with people, craft booths, stages, etc. Don’t think we’ll make it this year but it’s usually a very nice event.

July 31, 2015 at 7:46 am / Reply / Quote and reply

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