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Where Should I Live In Tacoma?

Question: I’m moving to Tacoma and don’t know where to start looking for an apartment. Eventually I’d like to buy a house. Where should I live? Do you have any recommendations? (Rec’d via email)

Our Answer: It’s crazy how often I get this question. My personal recommendation when moving to Tacoma for the first time is to lease an apartment in the Stadium District. Why? Because it’s a walkable neighborhood with grand homes, some very cool apartments, a grocery store, wine store, restaurants, a few pubs, and a couple parks – including Wright Park with its weekly bocce games. It’s a real community with a real apartment community and a growing condo community. Old Town and Ruston Way are a hop, skip, and a jump down the hill. The Proctor District and Sixth Avenue Business Districts are less than a couple miles away. If you’re moving to Tacoma because of that great new job in downtown Tacoma, you can walk or bike to work. You could skateboard, but the roads can be a bit rough. Plus, the Stadium District is a gorgeous older neighborhood and there’s a water view on nearly every block.

When you do look to buy a home, you want enough perspective to understand the positive and negatives of each neighborhood. The Stadium District’s home prices are getting so high that only the top percentage of Tacoma’s residents can afford to buy in the area. This helps to force your perspective a bit as you, generally speaking, have to look outside your neighborhood. If you rented a house in Proctor and lived the North End Proctor lifestyle, you may not get that there’s more to Tacoma than the North End. Then, unless you can afford to live in the North End, you may find a house search very frustrating as prices continue to escalate. On the other hand, the Stadium District is on the edge several constantly evolving and energized areas – areas you may not see much of if you live further west or north in the city. The Hilltop and Downtown neighborhoods are undergoing massive changes right now (and we talk about them all the time here at Exit133). Many people are moving into these neighborhoods, and it may or may not be your particular cup of tea. This can be said of any neighborhood in town. But if you live in the Stadium District, you can explore these neighborhoods and see what they have to offer. Maybe one of those downtown condos is perfect for your lifestyle. Maybe you like the condos overlooking the water on Broadway or St. Helens. Maybe a 1880s Victorian home on Hilltop is your dream home. Maybe your perfect house is in Proctor, West Tacoma, Fern Hill, or McKinley Hill. If you don’t know for yourself what these neighborhoods offer, you may never look. You have to start somewhere.

The bottom line is that I don’t know you, your interests, your income, or anything else. There are apartments in nearly every price range in this area and it’s a great intro to the up and coming, constantly evolving, Tacoma. Find something here, try out the city, then discover that part of town that most intrigues you.

Just my opinion…

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