YWCA Associate Board Invites you…

We've been hearing a bit of buzz about something new from the YWCA called the 253 Club. This week we're learning a little more... including an opportunity to be there at the kick-off event for the new program.

The YWCA Pierce County started an Associate Board earlier this year focused on getting individuals 40 and under excited about philanthropy.

The 253 CLUB is a donor circle for YWCA supporters aged 21-40 founded by the YWCA’s newly formed Associate Board. Members pledge to give $253 over the course of the year through monthly donations. Becoming a member of the 253 gives you access to exclusive donor events and information about monthly activities hosted by the YWCA Associate Board. To become a member please visit our Donate page and check the 253 Club box.

The Associate Board invites you to their 253 Club Kick Off event on July 30th (today!) located at The Valley (1206 Puyallup Ave) starting at 5:30pm. Everyone is encouraged to come mingle with them and learn more about the life saving work of the YWCA and become a member of the 253 Club.

Attendees are encouraged to bring Ethnic Hair Care product to donate to the YWCA’s support shelter. Most requested brands include: Blue Magic, Dark and Lovely, Ampro Pro Styl and Luster’s Pink. A portion of the nights proceeds will benefit the YWCA Pierce County.

Learn more about the 253 Club and the work of the YWCA Associate board on their webpage: http://www.ywcapiercecounty.org/253%20Club. Or show up at the Valley tonight... sounds like good fun for what is certainly a good cause. Who's in?

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