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First Girl I Loved - Pride Series Film

July 13, 2016 at 6:45 pm

As part of The Grand Cinema’s Pride Film Fest, come see this gripping tale about discovering love and cultivating friendships.
Anne, a seventeen-year-old high school girl, falls in love with Sasha, the most popular girl at her school. Sharing a rebellious relationship with her best friend Clifton, Anne tells Clifton about her secret affection. But Clifton, harboring a crush for Anne of his own, does anything he can to prevent Anne from pursuing this affection in this high school coming-of-age tale.
Queer Filmmaker Meet Up
Local filmmakers Elliat Graney-Saucke, Jason Ganwich, Danny Tayara, and Ricky German will lead a panel discussion sharing information about opportunities, experiences, and challenges in our local film community at our first ever Queer Filmmaker Meet Up following the evening screening of this film. Find more details here.
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The Grand Cinema
606 South Fawcett Avenue
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