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Forgiveness: letting go & moving on

It is impossible to go through life without feeling harmed or insulted. Unfortunately we injure ourselves even more by harboring ill-feelings towards the ones who have harmed us. Yet, holding onto grudges is painful. Our inability to let go of past insults and other emotional wounds drains our energy, tightens our minds, and prevents us from experiencing inner peace and happiness. Most of us know this. So why do we carry our grudges with us as if they were among our most precious possessions?
During this course, Resident Teacher Gen Kelsang Wangpo will explain how to let go of the past, and move in the direction of harmonious relationships and a happy healthy life. You’ll not only learn why it’s so important to forgive, but also special techniques that will help you do just that. Learn to cultivate the compassionate and liberating mind of forgiveness towards yourself and others. You’ll emerge feeling a great sense of peace at your heart and better able to heal your troubled relationships.

Class fee is $20
Reduced prices for members


Tushita Kadampa Buddhist Center
1501 Pacific Avenue, Suite #301
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