Collins Memorial Library Exhibit: Al-Mutanabbi Street Starts Here

On March 5, 2007, a car bomb exploded on Al-MutanabbiStreet, the historic center of Baghdad bookselling and the heart and soul of the Baghdad literary and intellectual community.

In response to this violence, Beau Beausoleil, a poet and artist based in San Francisco reached out to the book arts community to create this exhibit. The items in this exhibit reflect both the strength and fragility of books, but also show the endurance of the ideas within them. These works reflect both the targeted attack on this “street of the booksellers” as well as the ultimate futility of those who try to erase thought.

This project is both a lament and a commemoration of the singular power of words.​


University of Puget Sound Collins Memorial Library
N. 18th St and Union Ave
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