Environmental and Human Health Impacts of Methanol Plants

Presentation and Q & A with Wilma Subra, Scientist & Activist

Learn what living in the shadow of methanol production means to you.

Wilma Subra will speak about the negative health and environmental impacts of methanol refineries and present information helpful in developing strategies to address the local struggle against the proposed Tacoma methanol refinery.

Mrs. Subra holds degrees in microbiology and chemistry from the University of Southwestern Louisiana. She received the MacArthur Fellowship “Genius” Award for helping ordinary citizens understand, cope with and combat environmental issues in their communities and won the 2011 Global Exchange, Human Rights Award for her work with the BP oil spill. She recently completed a term as Vice-Chair of the Environmental Protection Agency National Advisory Council for Environmental Policy and Technology.
She has dedicated her life to protecting the environment and fi ghting to protect the health and safety of citizens.


Saint Matthew's Episcopal Church
6800 East Side Drive NE
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