Food Symposium - Panel Discussions: Diversity, Sustainability and Justice

April 3, 2014 at 12:00 pm

PLU’s Philosophy Department, PLU’s Center for Community Engagement and Service, and Trinity Lutheran Church will hold a multi-day Food Symposium on the topic of food democracy. The event will address both local and global solutions to hunger and food access, specifically through the lenses of PLU’s commitments to diversity, sustainability, and justice.

The Thursday afternoon panel discussions and food justice expo are focused on local food systems.

Panel 1: Diversity & Food
- 12:00 pm How do we work to maintain or build a diverse food system? What are the connections between biodiversity and social/cultural diversity?
Holly Foster - Farmer and Co-founder of Zestful Gardens
Romey Haberle - Assistant Professor of Biology
Kevin O’Brien - Associate Professor of Religion
Valerie Segrest - Native nutrition educator, Coordinator of Muckleshoot Food Sovereignty Project

1:00-2:00 pm Break: Food Justice Expo - food demonstration, snacks, poster presentations, community organization information

Panel 2: Sustainability & Food
- 2:00 pm What is a sustainable food system? What do we want to sustain about the current food system?
Bridgett Crews- Co-Founder of Free Range Kitchen - Culinary Incubator and Co-op Kitchen
Carrie Little - Farmer and Co-Founder of Little Eorthe Farm
Justin Lytle - Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Erin McKenna - Professor of Philosophy

3:00-4:00 pm Break: Food Justice Expo - snacks, poster presentations, community organization information

Panel 3: Justice & Food
- 4:00 pm How do privilege, power, and oppression shape our current food system, and what would a just food system look like?
Anna Leon-Guerrero - Professor of Sociology
Joe Martinez - Global Advocate and Mexico Program Director - United Farm Workers
Michael Schleeter - Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Jim Beaudoin - Director of Operations FISH Food Banks and Manager of SE Tacoma location


Pacific Lutheran University, Scandinavian Cultural Center
12180 Park Ave. S.
University Center Room #100
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