Grit City Think & Drink: Are You Going To Drink That?

ARE YOU GOING TO DRINK THAT? THE COMPLEXITY OF FLAVOR PERCEPTION with Leighann Chaffee, UW TacomaSaison, sauvignon, super hoppy IPA. Flavor perception relies on our sense of taste and smell, as well as top-down influences including memories and experiences. We will explore the biological basis of flavor perception and the role of psychological processes to explain individual variability in preferences, highlighting examples and recent findings from research at UWT. Leighann Chaffee is in her 7th year as a faculty member in Psychology at UW Tacoma. Her background in neuroscience and the biological basis of behavior inform her teaching and research. Leighann teaches courses in Psychology, coordinates the Undergraduate Research Participant Pool, and has a small research lab that explores the interaction of implicit processes and reward in understanding eating behaviors.


The Swiss Restaurant & Pub
1904 S Jefferson Ave

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