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July 20, 2017 at 8:00 pm

“Simply a group of guys who just want to play music”, is how front man Tony Verrecchia describes the group hailing from Destin, FL. It started from meager backyard gatherings with family and friends peppered with musical instruments and a few vocal melodies. Who could believe that a few house parties in the summer of 2007 would mark the beginning of something much, much larger? They decided to call the group Heritage and planted seeds of positivity & love in each song they wrote. By 2009 the group had enough original material to release their first full-length album, Natural High. With the nearly overnight success of Heritage’s debut album, it was clear that something undeniable was beginning to happen: the birth of a new sound which emphasized love and good vibrations. One of the members states, “For years we played music just to have a good time, but now, we also want to play music that will truly make a difference on the quality of life for others…even if they are hard topics.” “What does Heritage sound like?” Mix Bob Marley, Incubus, Santana, and Rage Against the Machine in a blender, sprinkle in a little Sublime and Citizen Cope, & drink up! � “What can you expect from Heritage show?” Listeners may expect tons of energy, dancing, jamming, jokes, not very much dignity, a touch of reality and always GOOD VIBES


The Swiss Restaurant & Pub
1904 Jefferson Ave

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