Learn about plans to curb algae blooms at Tacoma’s Wapato Lake

Metro Parks Tacoma plans to treat Wapato Lake later this spring to reduce public exposure to toxic algae. The blue-green algae blooms can be harmful to people and pets; this has prompted frequent health warnings when weather is warmer. The public is invited to learn and ask questions about the alum treatment at a meeting at 6 p.m. March 30 in the Wapato Park Pavilion, 6500 S. Sheridan Ave., Tacoma. In April, Metro Parks will set the exact treatment date. At the meeting, members of Metro Parks staff, along with scientific and technical consultants, will explain the treatment, its value and progress on long-term efforts to minimize pollutants in lake water.


Wapato Park Pavilion
6500 S. Sheridan Ave.
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