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Old Town Walking Tour

Join our friendly and knowledgeable tour guides for a visit to Old Town Tacoma’s historic sites, a part of our innovative education outreach programs. Learn how we make history come alive for elementary school students and our community. We’ll share tales about the people who lived here over 100 years ago. Step inside an authentic replica of Job’s cabin, the birthplace of Tacoma. See the site of the first schoolhouse, the spot where the jail used to stand, and the oldest belltower in the western hemisphere. We’ll discuss the immigrants, fishing, tall ships, timber and railroad that were all so important to the beginning of Tacoma. We’ll also explore the innovative community partnerships that help expand the reach of our small museum.



Saturday, May 17, 11am-12pm; Tuesday, May 20, 2:30-3:30pm

Job Carr Cabin Museum

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Job Carr Cabin Museum
2350 North 30th Street
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