Place-Based Leadership and the Inclusive City

​An International Analysis

Robin Hambleton, University of the West of England, Bristol, England

Some commentators take the view that the growth of multi-national companies operating on a global basis is now so well developed that cities are best viewed as helpless victims in a global flow of events. Distant, unelected decision makers now determine city futures, not urban residents.

Robin Hambleton rejects this view and offers a fresh way of thinking about our urban future. He presents a new conceptual framework for understanding place-based civic leadership and assembles evidence from across the world to show that cities are taking decisive action to shape the city according to progressive values - for example, advancing social justice, promoting care for the environment and bolstering community empowerment.

In his forthcoming book, Leading the Inclusive City, Hambleton presents 17 inspiring “Innovation Stories,” drawn from cities on all continents, to underpin the argument that place-based civic leadership, when combined with radical social innovation, can help to create inclusive, sustainable cities.


UW Tacoma
Carwein Auditorium
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