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Post Defiance Contributors Forum

January 27, 2014 at 6:30 pm

Post Defiance, the online magazine of Tacoma culture, is hosting a Contributor’s Forum!

If you’re interested in working with Post Defiance in some capacity, whether it be submitting an article, photography, art, or establishing a partnership, this is an opportunity to learn more about Post Defiance, discuss ideas, pitch contributions, and ask questions of the editors and creative directors.

Expect an introduction to our process, a discussion of Tacoma culture, and a break-out into smaller groups to explore specific topics and story ideas within our featured Post Defiance subjects: Arts, Civics, Community, Food/Drink, History, Literature, Music, Recreation, and Stage/Screen.

Written for Tacoma, about Tacoma, and by Tacomans, Post Defiance provides distinctive, high-quality, thoughtful content generated by talented local artists and writers. This publication is a cooperative effort, focused on partnerships with individuals, organizations and businesses who love, promote, and produce the culture, craft and community that distinguish Tacoma.


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