Tacoma Buddhist Temple Sukiyaki Dinner

This 52nd annual community event features sukiyaki, a one-pot meal of thinly sliced beef, saifun noodles, tofu, green onions and other veggies, all lightly sautéed in a flavorful broth. Temple members prepare the sukiyaki to order within view of diners. Also on the menu: chicken teriyaki, beef kabobs, mochi cupcakes, mochi ice cream and Rev. Kojo’s Miso Soup.Temple minister Kojo Kakihara and his wife, Masayo, developed their own version of miso soup to serve at the dinner. The centuries-old soup is traditionally made from a stock blended with soybean paste. Come early before your favorite food sells out!


Tacoma Buddhist Temple
1717 Fawcett Ave.
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