Tacoma Sister Cities International Film Festival - The Other Side of Sunday

A different film every Thursday starting February 6th through April 3rd at University of Puget Sound.Films held in the Tahoma Room, Commencement Hall which is located on the corner of North 13th and Lawrence streets. Admission is Free- but seats are limited to first come, first serve. Doors open at 6pm, cultural program at 6:15, film starts at 7pm.

The Other Side of Sunday, Norway 1996 Each Sunday at five minutes to eleven, the vicar’s young daughter sits in church. She has calculated that by the time of her confirmation, she will have spent 640 hours in the uncomfortable, wooden pew. She feels trapped in the joyless, enforced Christian atmosphere that permeated Norway in the fifties. Maria longs for life outside this prison. She wants to become something different than the church hags; the lumpy masses of grey, joyless women in hats and shapeless coats that occupy the pews behind the vicars family in the church.

She wants to be like the other kind of women around the county, the kind with perky breasts and sinful bodies, that wont get into heaven. She wants to live! Through her friendship with Mrs. Tunheim, an elder of the church and the only woman among the congregation who seems vital and alive; a proud and lovely woman who admits to her own body, Maria is given the strength to disobey her strict father and the congregation, and strike out on her own. Marias path leads her away from the church hags and towards the youth of the fifties. With a group of youngsters, she sneaks off on trips to the cottage and other forbidden adventures, to discover a dizzying puberty.


University of Puget Sound
Tahoma Room, Commencement Hall
1500 North Warner
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