Tacoma Trestle Track & Signal Project Open House

February 13, 2014 at 4:00 pm

Sound Transit will be replacing the existing Tacoma Trestle, east of Freighthouse Square in theDome District to increase capacity and improve reliability for additional Sounder passengertrips. Sound Transit wants to hear your thoughts on conceptual elements for the replacement ofthe Tacoma Trestle.

Comments from the open house will help inform how the new trestle looks.Please join us!
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  • Understand why a new trestle is needed
  • Hear about conceptual trestle elements
  • Provide your comments

Project Page

The Tacoma Trestle project was approved by voters in 2008 as part of the Sound Transit 2 system expansion plan. Sound Transit is replacing the 100-year-old wooden single track railroad trestle just north of Freighthouse in Tacoma with a modern, double-track bridge.

The new bridge will provide increased capacity and improved reliability for additional Sounder and Amtrak passenger trips as well as Tacoma Rail freight movements. The Tacoma Trestle project includes:
Recently secured grant funding will allow Sound Transit to advance completion from the original target of 2023 to 2017, which will help meet the need for increased rail capacity in the corridor.

  • Demolishing and removing the existing 0.65-mile single-track bridge and trestle
  • Constructing a new double-track rail bridge and crossover tracks
  • Upgrading the embankment along the trestle
  • Upgrading railroad signals
  • Making minor street reconstruction and utility relocations along with studying the feasibility of building an extended passenger platform

Amtrak connections at Freighthouse Square

The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) is developing design plans for the Point Defiance Bypass project that will allow Amtrak trains to serve Freighthouse Square. The state’s current schedule would reroute all Amtrak service by late 2017, a move that would consolidate all passenger rail service in one location.

At the request of the City of Tacoma to WSDOT, Sound Transit is working with the state to determine the feasibility of incorporating design and construction of an extended platform into the Trestle project. This extended platform would accommodate the longer Amtrak trains without impacting nearby streets. It is not needed for Sounder service.

Sound Transit does not have funding or authority to build new station platforms. If the new platform design is feasible, its design and construction would be the responsibility of another party.


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