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The Christmas Revels®

For centuries, pilgrims have walked the Camino de Santiago in Galicia (Northern Spain). The 2017 Christmas Revels® finds Revels pilgrims (our Revels chorus) singing, dancing, and storytelling on the camino as they accompany one particular pilgrim on his journey. It’s a lively lovely, funny and joyous celebration for all ages. The heart of the production is the Revels adult and children’s choruses. Joining them are actors Todd Jefferson Moore and Bill Johns; folk musicians Kevin Carr, Pat O’Scannell, Kendra McLean, Jacob Breedlove; and The Seattle Brass Ensemble. Stage director, BJ Douglas; music director, Megan Oberfield. Costumes, Alex Lewington; Set, Martin Christoffel.


Rialto Theater
310 S. 9th St
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