The Rusty Cleavers, Left Coast Country, & Tommy Alexander

What an amazing show line-up!! Check it out:Left Coast country: Left Coast Country’s stage performance showcases the group’s synchronous harmonies, beautiful melodies, and intense intricate instrumentation. Their live shows are the fusion of traditional and progressive; composed of fiery heartfelt foot stompers, rolling country ballads, and powerful instrumental soundscapes. Rusty Cleavers: The Rusty Cleavers are a hard-driving, hard-working, rowdy 4-piece rock-n-roll bluegrass band from Tacoma, WA. They blend the elements of classic bluegrass musicianship and flawless vocal harmonies with the attitude and edge of punk rock, sending audiences everywhere into a frenzy of compassionate lust. The Cleavers’ music is appropriate for a variety of events from festivals and music venues to weddings, private parties, and farmer’s markets. Alexander: “The downright truth about Alexander is that he is an expression of rebellion in a society that is trapped within institutional conformities and down-the-road retirement plans. Filled with an introspective and strikingly truthful style of songwriting, his music can be downright mind-bending—especially for those of us who have grown used to Pandora’s corporate jukebox and the cultural clichés that run with it.” - Huffington Post Tommy Alexander’s sound has been described as unique and hard to pinpoint. Praised as infectious, the music is palatable, powerful, and honest. Door opens for the show at 8p and the fun starts at 9p! $5 cover


The Swiss Restaurant & Pub
1904 S Jefferson Ave

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