Thursday Beer Run - Thrice the Fun Run from Treos

Tacoma Runners run every Thursday at a different bar or restaurant around Tacoma. It’s simple: run a 3 mile route with the group, return to the bar/restaurant, eat, drink, and be merry.

All levels of runners are welcome.

Join us this week as we run from Treos in Old Town on North 30th Street. This week’s run will feature more of everything you expect from a Tacoma Runners event - an easy 3-mile route with around 100 of your running friends followed by beverages and fun back at the bar after the run. And this week I promise that the route will be MUCH flatter than last week’s hilly run. After all, running an out-and-back route along the waterfront cannot be hilly.


Treos - Old Town
2312 North 30th
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