Transportation Forum: Getting Everyone on the Same Street

Downtown On the Go’s Friday Forums are a chance to learn about transportation issues in Tacoma, discuss real issues facing downtown commuters and residents, and hear about new ideas in the transportation world. Downtown On the Go works with Transportation Choices Coalition to gather a variety of talented panelists to present at each forum.Can cars, bikes, buses and pedestrians co-exist?Making room for all modes of transportation is not only possible but the most inclusive and inviting way to design our streets. Hear from experienced planners, local advocates and people who use all modes about how we can make this happen in Tacoma. Look at creative designs from around the country and right here in our community. Talk about what works and what doesn’t. Ask questions and discuss.Panelists:Fred Young, Alta Planning Diane Wiatr, City of Tacoma Active Transportation Coordinator


Join us in the Tacoma Room at UWT


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