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Guest Article: Know15.com Direct to $15 is too EXTREME!

Our second guest article this week comes to us from local entrepreneur and cartoonist RR Anderson ...

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Guest Article: Thriller

If Tacoma had zombies - if, I’m saying - and the zombies had a favorite political issue, it would be our form of government. The topic comes up, dies, and returns so often it should have its own show. Imagine ex-mayors Bill Baarsma and Brian Ebersole with stitched faces and blank stares, City Manager T.C. Broadax deploying the camouflaged League of Women Voters.

Now THAT’S entertainment.

Last Spring the City’s Charter Review Committee proposed changing the form of government, from the current council-manager form to the so-called strong mayor form. This was one of a dozen Charter changes recommended to the City Council; it was the only one the Council didn’t forward to the voters for a decision.

We’re raising the question again, this time gathering signatures to put the question on the November ballot. While it’s possible to complicate the form-of-government discussion, it’s really pretty easy. Like A,B,C.

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Let’s Try Something A Little Different

Summer is here. Exit133 just passed its ten year mark. Twenty Tacoma Runners are in China rigt now. So, we've decided to try something different here on Exit133.

As the regular team burns some vacation time over the next several weeks, we've asked for opinions and essays from people in the

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Tacoma City Council Meeting - June 16, 2015



Resolution No. 39212 A resolution authorizing the execution of an interlocal agreement with the Metropolitan Park District; accepting and depositing $3,000,000 into the Surface Water Fund, for the reimbursement of costs associated with the excavation of soil for the

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Temporary TAGRO Shortage

Other cities may be having water shortages, but in Tacoma gardeners are facing another kind of shortage: a TAGRO shortage. From the TAGRO web page:

TAGRO Temporarily Closed Due to Product Shortage, May Re-Open Monday, June 22, 2015

Please call ahead to confirm the availability of the products

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Municipal Broadband Lessons

In recent months Tacoma has been dealing with questions about the future of our municipally-owned Click! Network - its viability, and a potential partnership that would see the publicly-owned network operated by a private company.

Meanwhile, Seattle has been asking its own questions about the

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Tacoma City Business Preview - Week of June 16, 2015


At this week's Tacoma City Council study session, the council will hear a presentation on a year-round, youth development cycling program that uses bicycles to expand experiences and opportunities for youth. The Major Taylor Project, a program of the Cascade Bicycle Club's Diversity and

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Tacoma City Council Meeting - June 9, 2015

The main excitement on this week's agenda was around Citizens' Forum...



Resolution No. 39209 A resolution setting Tuesday, June 23, 2015, at approximately 5:30 p.m., as the date for a public hearing by the City Council on the proposed Six-Year Comprehensive

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Freedom Fair

Ruston Way Waterfront July 4, 2015 at 12:00 am

On July 4th, finally, the big event all along the Ruston Way waterfront!! Join in all day on the 4th of July for Freedom Fair, featuring all the usual 4th of July activities, airshows, great food, vendors, exhibits, rides, and events - along with a lot of very exciting new ones! It’s the South

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Summer Storytime at the Cabin

Job Carr Cabin Museum July 8, 2015 at 1:00 pm

Come back to the amazing Job Carr Cabin Museum for another hour of free fun! This week at the cabin an activity called Charlie Needs a Cloak, will allow children to learn and create through the Cotton Sheep Craft.

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Brian Regan

Pantages Theater July 10, 2015 at 7:30 pm

Live Nation and Broadway Center for the Performing Arts present Brian Regan. Brian Regan has distinguished himself as one of the premier comedians in the country. Brian’s non-stop theater tour has visited more than 80 cities each year since 2005 and continues through 2015. It is the quality of

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LBD Anniversary Ride

Harmon Tap Room July 11, 2015 at 6:00 pm

Back by popular demand, our Little Black Dress ride! This will be the VeloFemmes 2nd anniversary. We will meet at the Harmon Tap Room at 6, ride at 7. We’ll ride a loop (no more than 5 miles total) , stop at Broken Spoke for more socializing, ending at the Copper Door back in the Stadium District

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Tacoma Old Town Rhythm and Blues Festival

Tacoma Old Town Park July 11, 2015 at 9:00 am

Pancake Breakfast

9am - 11am Lower Level of Slavonian Hall.

Tacoma Old Town Park

12:00 - 8:00 PM Free to the public

Current list of bands. Final stage schedule is STBD.

Jr Hill Band

Amanda Miller and Friends

The Dean Reichert Band

James King and the South Siders

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Paddle Board and Kayak Lessons

Foss Waterway Seaport July 11, 2015 at 10:00 pm

Visit the Seaport for a “green” day on the water with an amazing amount of paddling experiences right off our dock. The Foss Waterway Seaport in partnership with the Youth Marine Foundation will offer both paddle board and kayak lessons (see times below). Water-based activity classes are

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Art on the Ave

6th Avenue July 12, 2015 at 11:00 am

Tacoma’s biggest music and arts festival held every 2nd Sunday in July.

The goal of the this years event will be to join both business and community through visual and audio performances reinforced by collaborative ventures by business owners and community leaders. The newly founded projects will

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Walk Tacoma: Family Walk/ Museum Walk

TBD July 15, 2015 at 12:00 pm

It’s Walking Wednesday!Join Downtown On the Go and a guest speaker for a fun, family-friendly walk in Tacoma’s Museum District!

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John Hathaway, Self-Appointed Gadfly of Tacoma, Dead at 69

Gadfly may not be a word we use every day, but it's the most common one we've heard used to describe Tacoma's John Hathaway. Hathaway passed away last week at age 69.

He came onto the public stage around the tragic events surrounding Police Chief David Brame's high-profile shooting of his wife, Crystal, and himself in 2003. Hathaway scooped the story of the couple's divorce, and allegations that the police chief was an abusive husband. 

sIn later years Hathaway continued to challenge local government, fostering lively... discussion via his regular email and later on his blog, The New Takhoman. We sat next to him at ...


Downtown Tacoma hotel developer in talks with two very different hotel operators

The News Tribune 0 Comments

If you've been following the happenings around the proposed Tacoma Convention Center hotel project, you may know that Yareton, the Chinese investment group developing the project had another deadline recently. 

Yareton completed its first due-diligence phase last month, and will make the second of two "earnest money" payments, pending City approval of development plans.  The development group has also started discussions with two hotel chains about operation of the new Tacoma hotel - a 4-hotel boutique operator based in the western U.S., or a global hotel operator with hundreds of properties around the world. The TNT has more details of those two chains, although the conversations are just exploratory at this point.

Whatever the decision is on who will operate the hotel, it's supposed to be "four-star," according to the developer's deal with the City - although it sounds like "four-star" could mean a lot of things.

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Cops must now get a warrant to use stingrays in Washington state

Ars Technica 0 Comments

Last year it became public that Tacoma Police, along with other departments in the area and across the country had been using technology known as "cell site simulators" to intercept cell phone information from criminal suspects.

The thing was, the technology (the most common brand goes by the name Stingray) also indiscriminately captured information from innocent bystanders, and the police were more than a little secretive about how the technology worked, and what happened to that information.

In November Pierce County placed stronger requirements on the use of the devices, an now Washington State lawmakers have passed a law requiring police not only to have a warrant specifically for each instance in which they choose to use the technology, but that they must be far more explicit about how it will be used. Washington isn't the first state to crack down on the devices, but it may be the most stringent. 

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Monday pivotal for new Pierce County building

The News Tribune 0 Comments

Today a judge will hear arguments on the legality (or illegality) of the referendum on the contentious project to build the new Pierce County General Services Building in Tacoma's Lincoln District.

The judge is visiting from Kitsap County to avoid a conflict for Pierce County Judges. If the referendum is found legal, that means Gig Harbor resident Jerry Gibbs and friends can go back to gathering the more than 24,000 signatures he needs to put it on the November ballot. That would also mean a halt to progress on the County's project until after November.

The judge could also find the referendum illegal, defining the new building project as an "administrative" decision, and thus not subject to referrendum. If this happens it would die there, and plans could move ahead on the new building. That said, Pierce County voters will still get to cast an advisory vote in November on whether or not they support the building project - but that vote would not have any binding weight.

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Nominations for Disability Advocates of the Year

Nominations for Disability Advocates of the Year Now Being Accepted
-- Annual Event Recognizes Individuals and Businesses for Improving Quality of Life for People With Disabilities in Tacoma --


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Applicants Sought for Board of Building Appeals

The Tacoma City Council is looking to fill two positions on its Board of Building Appeals.

Applicants should have knowledge and/or experience in design and/or construction related to building, fire,

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Call to Artists for Portable Artwork Collection

Professional artists who live in Washington state’s Pierce, King, Kitsap or Thurston counties can submit applications now through July 30, 2015 to have existing portable pieces of artwork considered

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Enjoy the Freedom Fair fireworks show on Ruston Way

Remember, personal firework use is prohibited in Tacoma.

On July 4 Ruston Way will once again be filled with activities, airshows, food, vendors, exhibits, rides, and events during Freedom Fair.

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Business Tax Amnesty Applications Now Due July 10

City of Tacoma Business Tax Amnesty Program Application Deadline Extended to July 10 --Payment Deadline is Still July 31--

Registered and unregistered businesses in Tacoma can – until July 10 –

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