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City of Tacoma to Provide One-Stop Local Business Licensing and Tax Filing With File Local

Tacoma, Wash. --  Next fall, when businesses in Tacoma want to get a local business license or pay their local business and occupation taxes, they’ll be able to do it at FileLocal.org.  File Local is an online multi-city business license and tax portal that was created through a cooperative effort by the cities of Tacoma, Seattle, Bellevue and Everett.  File Local will offer businesses an easier way to pay taxes and get business licenses. 

“File Local will streamline processes for businesses significantly, making things more intuitive and more efficient for them,” said Finance Director Andrew Cherullo. “We look forward to its implementation.”

When implemented, the service will benefit about 200,000 businesses. These businesses together comprise roughly 90 percent of businesses statewide that pay local business and occupation taxes. 

Nearly 30,000 companies operating in more than one of the four cities would only need to enter their profile information once. Then, for each reporting period, they would add in their sales data. Using city-specific rates and special incentives to compute the total due of the company across all of the cities in which it does business, File Local’s computer system would then ask the company to enter payment information – via electronic transfer or credit card – so it can distribute the funds to meet the amounts due in each of the cities.

Officials in Tacoma, Seattle, Bellevue and Everett have been working on developing the concept behind this service since 2010. This summer, the group hired a Louisiana-based technology firm, e-Gov Systems, to build and test the site. 


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