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Helping Homeowners Get Information to Prevent Foreclosure

The City of Tacoma’s Home Ownership and Mediation Education (HOME) Initiative, which concluded in February, provided foreclosure prevention outreach to more than 2,300 homes in Tacoma.

The campaign began on Nov. 11, 2015 and ended on Feb. 29, 2016. Initiative canvassing teams provided outreach to 165 homes that received a Notice of Trustee’s Sale (NOTS) within the Tacoma city limits during the initiative period and spoke with 685 people in the community about foreclosure prevention and assistance resources.

The initiative was a partnership between the City’s Neighborhood and Community Services Department and the Foreclosure Mediation and Outreach Project at Seattle University School of Law.


“We are really excited with the amount of outreach we were able to do in a short period of time,” said Lisa Wojtanowicz, Neighborhood and Community Services Community Based Services Division Manager. “We were able to speak with residents who came to the door and leave behind information at almost every home. It was an effective way to get information about foreclosure prevention and community assistance programs into the neighborhoods.”


The initiative was funded by grants from the Legal Foundation of Washington, the Department of Financial Institutions and the Pierce County Foreclosure Prevention Roundtable as well as an additional allocation of unspent funds by the Foreclosure Mediation and Outreach Project.


The City is planning to continue to send information packets to property owners who receive a Notice of Trustee’s Sale.


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