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Pierce County Superior Court honors jurors May 16-20

Pierce County Superior Court is sponsoring Juror Appreciation Week from May 16-20 to recognize the important service that residents provide on jury duty and to highlight and honor and importance of that service.

Last year, 19,881 citizens served on a jury in Pierce County. Jurors served on Superior Court, District Court, and Tacoma Municipal Court trials. They were selected from 83,249 people who were summoned to duty.


To recognize jurors for their service, Superior Court Presiding Judge Frank E. Cuthbertson will read a proclamation from Gov. Jay Inslee to jurors. In addition, the Pierce County Council voted unanimously on May 3 to adopt Resolution 2016-49, recognizing Juror Appreciation Week.


“We thank the more than 19,000 jurors who reported to jury duty last year,” Cuthbertson said. “We understand jury duty can be inconvenient, but the right to a jury trial is fundamental to our liberty and democracy. That’s why we commend the thousands of Pierce County citizens who reported to serve on a jury."


In honor of Juror Appreciation Week, court staff will provide jurors snacks and are encouraged to wear “We Appreciate Our Jurors” buttons.


More information is available at www.piercecountywa.org/jury.


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