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Soil Remediation Begins at Vassault Park

On Monday, June 30, the Department of Ecology’s Soil Safety Program began construction work to replace contaminated soils at the playfields at Tacoma’s Vassault Park

The former Asarco Tacoma smelter contaminated 1,000 square miles with arsenic and lead from its smokestack. 

In an effort to maximize cost efficiency, Metro Parks Tacoma has joined in an interagency agreement with the Department of Ecology to add playfield underdrainage to the remediation project. This will eliminate some of the standing water issues that occur after heavy rains.

Because the Department of Ecology's budget is specifically for soil remediation, Metro Parks is providing $300K of bond funds for the design and construction of the additional playfield drainage enhancements. Metro Parks Tacoma will coordinate drainage improvements during the cleanup work. 

Construction schedule and closed areas

  • On Monday, June 30, the contractor will begin putting up fencing and moving equipment to the park. Work will run through mid-October.
  • The playfields will remain closed until summer of 2015 to protect the new grass and allow time for it to grow.
  • The tennis courts and playground will remain open throughout the project.

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