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Tacoma Residents Invited to Participate in Telephone Town Hall to Discuss the City’s Charter

-- Charter Review Recommendations to be Presented by Charter Review Subcommittees Prior to Event --

Around 10,000 randomly selected telephone landlines across Tacoma's five Council Districts will ring beginning April 16 informing residents of a telephone town hall scheduled for April 17 at 7 p.m. During this event, which will also be televised and streamed live on TV Tacoma, Charter Review Committee members will gather public comments and questions from residents regarding proposed changes to the City Charter. The City Charter is Tacoma’s constitution, and it is reviewed every 10 years. 

Shortly before the telephone town hall begins on April 17, approximately 7,500 randomly selected telephone landlines will ring a second time with another invitation to participate in the event. Those who choose to stay on the telephone and participate will have the ability to make a comment or ask a question by following automated prompts on their telephone keypads. They would then be transferred to a live attendant who will pass their comments or questions on to the event moderator to ask the subcommittee chair. At that point, they can choose to continue following the event by staying on the telephone, or they can hang up and continue watching the event live on TV Tacoma. 

Those who do not receive an automated call on their telephone landlines inviting them to participate in the April 17 telephone town hall can still take part in the event by coming in person to the Tacoma Municipal Building Council Chambers (747 Market St., 1st Floor), by calling (253) 591-5505 or by emailing charterreview@cityoftacoma.org to submit comments and questions. Comments and questions can also be submitted by posting publically to the wall at facebook.com/cityoftacoma or by posting publically on Twitter using “@cityoftacoma”. All comments, questions and answers will be captured and posted within 24 hours at cityoftacoma.org/charterreview.

Due to time constraints, there will be no opportunity for live, interactive exchanges between event participants and Charter Review Committee members.  

Prior to the telephone town hall, Charter Review subcommittees will present the recommendations they have forwarded, along with recommendations still being considered, to the full Charter Review Committee.

Form of Government 

This subcommittee is charged with exploring a change from the current form of government to an elected executive Mayor and City Council and a Chief Administrative Officer.

Article II Legislative

This subcommittee is charged with reviewing in detail Article II of the City Charter. Article II provides provisions on how many Council Members are on the City Council, how many Council Districts should there be, the term limits of our City Council and Mayor, authority of the Mayor and City Council and the compensation of our elected officials. This subcommittee has recommended several changes. Some of these recommended changes are about maintaining consistency with state law, and some of these recommended changes are about ensuring accountability, transparency and citizen engagement. 

Article III Administrative

This subcommittee is responsible for Article III of the City Charter, which defines the roles and responsibilities of elected and appointed officials.  This subcommittee is considering the role of the City Manager as a Chief Administrative Officer, the City Attorney as an independent member of the executive team and the Mayor as the Executive Officer of the City.

Article IV Public Utilities

This subcommittee is charged with examining the relationship between the Tacoma Public Utilities and the City Council and, specifically, the City Council’s authority and accountability.

Human Resources 

This subcommittee received input from several residents, the Mayor and City Council, City departments and the County Auditor for recommended changes. This subcommittee is looking at each piece of input in a critical fashion to see which meets the criteria of increasing citizen involvement, simplifying the Charter language, or improving the services provided by the City.

Information about matters pertaining to the 2014 Charter Review is available at cityoftacoma.org/charterreview or by calling (253) 591-2067.

TV Tacoma is available on both the Click! and Comcast cable systems. On Click!, TV Tacoma can be seen on Channel 12 within Tacoma city limits and in Pierce County, with the exception of University Place, where it can be found on Channel 21. On Comcast, TV Tacoma can be seen on Channel 12 within Tacoma city limits and on Channel 21 in Pierce County. For programming information or program streaming, visit tvtacoma.com.


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