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Unseasonably warm weather prompts early opening of 4 of Tacoma’s 10 spraygrounds

Metro Parks staff usually use the month of May to prepare spraygrounds for summer, with normal operation only on weekends. 

This year, the parks maintenance team stepped up its testing in the hope of providing more service on hot days. Their work paid off in time for this week’s warm weather: Four of the district’s 10 spraygrounds will be open with limited hours May 10 to 13. 

These four locations ONLY will be open Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week from 2 to 7 pm. The public’s patience is appreciated since this early opening overlaps with the maintenance staff’s pre-season testing period.

“We know people in the park district will welcome the early opening, given the warm weather,” said Joey Furuto, community and neighborhood parks manager. “We just ask for people to be patient if they encounter any bugs this week. Since there is no scheduled afternoon staffing this time of year, if anything is not working correctly the sprayground may have to be shut down until the next morning.”

All 10 sprayground locations are open every Saturday and Sunday, regardless of the weather, from 10 am to 8 pm. Beginning Monday, May 30, all of the spraygrounds will be open seven days per week until Labor Day.


For more information visit MetroParksTacoma.org/Spraygrounds



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