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Yoshie Wong Aims to Unseat 18-year Incumbent Senator

Yoshie Wong, a Steilacoom school board member and long-time community activist, today announced that she is challenging Sen. Mike Carrell to represent the 28th District in the Washington Legislature.

Wong, a small business owner and 13-year resident of Steilacoom, told supporters that she was slow to decide to take on Carrell, but after hearing people complain and reviewing his work in the Senate she decided to respond to the urgings to run.

It was sobering to evaluate the Carrell legacy, she said. “We, as a state and community, are facing enormous challenges in our business lives; our education is under threat, and even our homes are not safe from the political winds. While all this is going on, Carrell is picking around the edges, making virtually no significant reverse of our fortunes,” she said.

“It is a complete waste of the 18 years he spent as a legislator. He should be a leader, He is not,” she declared.

“Take education,” Wong said, “Carrell, a former teacher has not taken the lead, or even followed others to solve our many education problems.”
Wong said she earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees in a time when it was possible to get a first-rate university education without going deeply into debt.

“We are not being fair to the young people of Washington. We need to provide advanced learning without placing an enormous financial burden on them. Where is Sen. Carrell in that debate, for example?” she asked.”

The American ideal was that well educated young people would grow into prosperous, tax-payers to help support a robust economy and an educational system for future generations, she said. “It worked fabulously well from the end of World War II onward, and it worked well in Washington. What are we doing?”

Wong has long been active in community affairs. She is a board member of the Friends of Steilacoom Library. She was an inaugural member of El Jadida-Tacoma Sister Cities Committee, and a former board member of the American Sewing Guild of Pierce County.

Wong and Frank DePalma have been married 28 years. Wong helped DePalma raise his two children. She operates a business as a licensed marriage and family therapist specializing in helping families and children with challenging behaviors. Wong is particularly critical of legislation proposed by Carrell and other Republicans that mimic voter suppression activity in Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio and across the South.

Carrell advocated legislation requiring voters to prove citizenship before casting a ballot. Nevertheless, there is no record of any formal challenge of a voter’s registration.

“That is a non-problem that neither Carrell, nor any other Republican has been able to validate,” she said. “It is intended to make voting unnecessarily difficult. It Is an attack on our democracy,” she said.

“I plan to spend the next few months listening to the hopes and concerns of people in the 28th District so that I can help fashion solutions to make our lives better. That is what a senator ought to do,” she said.

Yoshie Wong
State Senator, District 28, Democrat
Campaign Office: 8413 27th Street W ● University Place WA ● (253) 564-4389
Linda Isenson, campaign manager
(253) 564-4389



Yes, please!  Someone needs to unseat him.

May 12, 2012 at 8:10 pm / Reply / Quote and reply

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Agreed, he definitely needs to be unseated; 18 years is way too long for this politician.  I’m looking forward to Ms. Wong’s campaign and success in doing just that.

May 24, 2012 at 10:37 am / Reply / Quote and reply

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