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  • May 28 2014

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Exactly, the entire Tacoma area is changing and evolving and getting better one business or house at a time.  This city is beautiful and wonderful and somehow these past reputations that are stuck in people’s minds need to be forgotten somehow.  Downtown is becoming more vibrant everyday and very clean!  The light rail is there with new downtown condos looking out over the bay.  I think it truly is the ‘City of Destiny’ and one day the world will recognize it.

May 28 2014 Advice on Moving to Tacoma

I live in what is considered South Tacoma and I have never had any issues or problems.  Everyone is friendly and have not seen or had any sort of criminal acts done to me in the four years that I’ve lived here.

May 28 2014 Advice on Moving to Tacoma

I love Tacoma.  My wife and I decided to stay here after separating from the Army because of its beauty and diversity.  I would love to see this ‘City of Destiny’ prosper and develop with pride and confidence in the future.  The city needs to keep its hard-working image and get rid of its past reputations.  The work that is being done downtown is wonderful and its looking fantastic! 

I think other ideas would be to make much better welcoming signs into the city from highways and freeways. 

May 28 2014 Tacoma 2013 Year In Review

This is Fantastic!  Finally some taller buildings in downtown Tacoma!.  Tacoma is a city with an awesome spirit, pride and identity.  What a better way to purge the city from its past reputations than with new businesses, and a skyscraper and a half to our newly glamourized downtown which is looking awesome by the way.  This city has amazing potential, as it is the City of Destiny!,  and we need to let it happen, or else we will just be an industrial mid-size urban port dwelling for the rest of

May 28 2014 Chinese Investors Propose 2-Tower, 30-Story Downtown Development

That’s exactly what I was thinking Teri.  Planting trees, and having islands between lanes, better signs, and less low-scale looking businesses.  They could make an entire environment out of it with signs, or even some 50’s car related restaurants.  The South Tacoma Way district just seems to be falling apart with all of the luxury dealerships going to fife, and the cheap, high-percentage, used-dealers lurking around the entire street now days.  Also, for once, maybe make actual Bus Stops for

May 28 2014 Cleaning Up South Tacoma Way

That’s not a bad idea either.  Washington or at least Pierce Country seems to have issues with the way they make intersection/junctions on freeways.  For example to exit I5N and enter 512W, their should be two lanes that separate from I5 way back further, and then bridge on to the 512.  For the exit 132 congestion…its always because you have people getting on I5 from the 56th St onramp at the same time when vehicles are trying to get over to the 38th St exit.  They should be two completely

May 28 2014 I-5 Congestion Around JBLM - How Do You Fix It?

Well, the JBLM military base is a HUGE employer for Pierce County, and getting rid of a federal installation which brings in millions worth of revenue won’t happen anytime soon.  The correct response is to either make the freeway 4 lanes on each side, or add a separate I5 extension such as a 605 or 805 that starts near DuPont and deviates from I5 and goes along the eastside of the base and then reconnects with I5 after McChord at some point in time.  This would most definitely alleviate

May 28 2014 I-5 Congestion Around JBLM - How Do You Fix It?
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