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Yes! I have the same problem. We have a ton of little parks around town, but hardly any of them have drinking fountains - that seems like a great place to start.

Also, maybe some enforcement to get cars to stop for pedestrians when they’re in a crosswalk. I appreciate the awareness campaign I’ve seen, but some people aren’t going to stop unless they think they might get a ticket if they don’t.

All that said, I love running in Tacoma.

April 29 2015 21 Cities That Were Made For Running

Hopefully the downtown trucks will mostly be serving local workers and other foot traffic, rather than relying on serving as a lunch destination for people coming from elsewhere.

If the fear of competing with anything at all downtown, and the hope of activating a block that has very little reason to be activated don’t kill this pilot program before it ever gets off the ground, we could have something good on our hands.

April 20 2015 Coming Soon: Food Truck Fridays (and Saturdays and Sundays Too) in Tacoma

I agree - we visited on a weekend, found parking less than a block away, and enjoyed the atmosphere very much. It’s not meant to be a coffee shop, so wifi and comfy couches would be out of place. We found both the food and atmosphere sophisticated, and a nice contribution to the dining scene around here.

November 24 2014 Point Defiance Tap & Grill: A Northwest Centric Pub-Meets-Bistro

I think that’s a great idea - I would love a nice place to grab a coffee and hang out while still being able to watch for my train. Maybe a second Bluebeard location? Or a second Metro Coffee might be a good fit.

October 01 2014 Share Your Thoughts on Freighthouse Square Amtrak Station Design Options

I like the options shown here too. Taking the survey, I can’t believe they’re even considering the one with virtually no street level windows. It’s a train station - which means a lot of people waiting to see their trains - something that’s hard to do with no windows facing the tracks. I hope that design option is tossed out immediately.

As for the interior, I think all of the designs would be fine - the wood is much better than the metal from the original design.

September 30 2014 Share Your Thoughts on Freighthouse Square Amtrak Station Design Options

It might be useful to have something like this for the residents in the neighborhood around Multicare and Stadium District, but I worry about how complicated it would be to have a guest pass or whatever they end up with, every time someone drops by for a visit.

September 12 2014 Help Fix Tacoma's Residential Parking Permit Program

Great, now they just need an app for Windows Phone. I’m sure that will be coming any day now…

August 14 2014 Tacoma - Now There's an App for That

I think a lot of it is content and context. “Tags” are just like dogs marking a fire hydrant - no value there. Graffiti, when done artistically, can be very interesting, but the context has to be right - it should be done somewhere it’s wanted, or at least not unwanted. That’s why it’s such a shame the graffiti garage is closed.

August 07 2014 Making a Statement: Tacoma Says "Enough!"

I’m quite happy with the every other week pick up schedule. We were able to downsize our can and save a few bucks that way, and there are fewer mornings where noisy garbage trucks run down our alley.

It’s a win-win in my book, especially if it’s saving fuel costs, and probably ultimately man hours.

July 28 2014 Every-Other-Week Trash Pick-Up Update

If you click through to the link for that study, it doesn’t seem to be a very precise measure - most of the questions ask about state and local conditions, or just about state conditions. On top of that, it’s not very transparent about their methodology, and the site appears to be primarily designed as link bait.

I’m not saying the overall conclusion would necessarily be very different if a more trustworthy study was done, but that website doesn’t give me much faith in the “grades” it

July 24 2014 Tacoma City Council Meeting - July 22, 2014

I’m excited. I’m looking forward to the vibrancy and activity that will come with more feet on the street and a new building with new retail spaces.

June 27 2014 Work Begins Soon on The Proctor

I like the word “gritification.” I’m going to have to find an excuse to use that.

June 25 2014 "Gentrification" or Grittiness for the East Side of the Foss Waterway?

Is that a raging party or some sort of aerobics class going on in the big second floor window?

June 20 2014 Tacoma Dome Transit Oriented Development - Who's Interested?


June 13 2014 Tacoma 2025: What's Your Vision for Tacoma?

My understanding is that this is focusing on pavement. Maybe not pavement for cars, but it’s still a part of the city’s infrastructure, and not everyone drives a car.

June 12 2014 Next Phase of Work for Historic Water Ditch Trail

It seems strange that you have to login just to even take the basic survey. I suppose I can understand forcing people to give their names for the comments section, but it seems like an unnecessary obstacle to force it for any participation at all.

Also, what about people who aren’t online, or at least aren’t competent? An online only survey seems to discriminate against a large portion of the population that isn’t computer savvy or doesn’t have access to the internet. Hopefully there’s a paper

June 12 2014 Tacoma 2025: What's Your Vision for Tacoma?

I believe they live out on Vashon. I think this is the company:

June 09 2014 Spotted: Goats at McMenamins Elks Property

While I applaud the Council for wanting to take on issues of equity, I hope this document gets some serious revisions before its adopted.

I’m uncomfortable with the City seeming to position race as the primary concern around equity. It’s an incredibly important component, yes, and certainly one of the most visible factors of inequality in our society, but this document seems to focus on race in a way that demotes the other considerations - gender, sexual orientation, ability, etc - to a kind

May 20 2014 Working Toward Equity in Tacoma

I would buy a taco on the waterfront. From a good taco truck.

April 08 2014 Concessions Carts Wanted for Some Tacoma Parks

I’m in favor of making the world suck a little less.

I also think it’s worth considering the impact that difficulty in accessing healthy food options can have on both worker productivity and student success.

April 07 2014 Do You Live in a Food Desert?

I think you’re right - the Lincoln District would be a great candidate for reclaiming paved spaces.

March 13 2014 Depaving Project to Green Sprague & Division

It seems like people who need wheelchairs and other assistive devices might find the roads more accessible without cars whipping through there at high speeds or not paying attention. I’ve had to jump out of the way of careless and speeding drivers more than once on the road there, so I can imagine for people less able to jump, it might feel a bit safer without cars. And if you’re in a chair or need a walker or cane, the trails aren’t an option for a nice peaceful walk.

March 10 2014 Comment on Five Mile Drive Closure to Vehicles

For me the real question is why the TNT doesn’t just say they’ll make sure the bags get on people’s porches? Any paper boy worth anything could do it - why can’t these delivery people? And if they can’t, why doesn’t the TNT just fire them and go with someone else?

February 24 2014 TNT Response Re #ZeeckBag Issue

“Tacoma 2.0”? Aren’t we on at least Tacoma 3.0 by now?

February 12 2014 State of the City: Tacoma 2.0

What I’m noticing - other than how flat and smooth the streets and sidewalks appear - is how few fences I see. All the properties seem so open to the street. It’s kind of nice.

February 11 2014 A Rare Vintage Look at Tacoma

That’s pretty neat - thanks for sharing. It would be great if whatever goes in could honor the history in some way - old pictures or design elements that reference the work that was done there (black smithing, fire hoses, etc).

November 06 2013 On the Market: Street Operations/Old City Stables Buildings


November 06 2013 Trees vs Views: How Much Is a View Worth?

I would sympathize if the trees were going to block a pre-existing view, but in this case there is no view currently. From what I understand, the City is actually planning to thin the existing trees, which pretty thoroughly screen the view as it is. They aren’t losing anything here, they just might not be gaining as much of a view as they would like.

November 05 2013 Trees vs Views: How Much Is a View Worth?

I’ll second that - T-Dome to Sea-Tac, please.

October 30 2013 Tell Sound Transit Where to Go Next

This makes me sad. I don’t know what businesses were complaining, but I think any retail establishments benefit from added foot traffic because of people coming to see the garages. Such a shame. I hope someone in Tacoma has a space that can host the artists - and they are artists.

October 28 2013 No More Graffiti for Broadway Graffiti Garage

I like the social media option, and I think it will probably get noticed by more people than the old stickers, but I’ll still miss wearing the old “I voted!” stickers. I always wore mine proudly, and liked seeing them on others.

October 21 2013 New in 2013: Pierce County Votes Digital "Stickers"

I agree. I didn’t get the point of a lodge when I first read it, but on second thought, I know my out of town family members would love to stay at the park if it was an option. Walking on the waterfront, and a quick day trip over to Vashon - I’d barely have to entertain them.

October 03 2013 Retail, Restaurants, Access in Plans for Point Defiance

I would be willing to take a bit of a loss on this one, if it means keeping such an important building standing. I think the loss of Old City Hall at that end of town would be detrimental to Tacoma as a whole in ways that the value of the individual property doesn’t capture.

Also, I think paying to fix the roof is worth it, if it prevents greater damages, and possibly the loss of the building over time. It’s not like it costs the city nothing to let it fall down - I’m no engineer, but I’m

September 25 2013 Old City Hall Owners Agree to Fix Roof

I’m with you James. I think protecting our historic buildings has a great deal of value to our community, and will for years to come.

And I don’t think working to save them precludes working on other issues like potholes. It doesn’t have to be an either/or situation, and funds available for things like historic preservation don’t tend to be available for road repairs, and vice versa.

August 08 2013 Preventing Neglect of Historic Properties Info Session

It doesn’t seem that confusing to me. Also, I seem to remember that the decision for the utilities to raise their rates on customers is up to them, not mandatory. So if they aren’t required to pass the cost along, how can it be included in the ballot measure as if it were? And isn’t TPU owned by the city anyway?

August 01 2013 Challenge Filed to Utility Tax Ballot Measure

I think a lot of those points are valid, although I do think that Tacomans might be a little price-sensitive to parking rate increases, and I don’t know that unlimited time parking would balance that out.

I also think that things are complicated, however, by the fact that the 2-hour time limit matches up a little too conveniently with UWT’s schedule which is largely based on 2-hour classes. That may make the time limit change a little more sensible in this area than elsewhere.

June 26 2013 Possible Changes to Some Downtown Parking
Event Date Make Changes