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  • Feb 19 2015

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Any hints on where you saw some of the treasures I was just getting ready to head out again to hunt haven’t had any luck this year but did meet some very nice people and explored some new parts of Tacoma. :)

February 22 2015 The Year of the Sheep - Monkeyshines 2015

Max and I went out this morning looking didn’t find anything but got to explore Fireman’s Park, Thea Park, and walked the waterfront around the glass museum. We had a great walk met nice people and puppies and loved getting to know Tacoma more. Might go out later to hunt some more for some shine treasures or just to meet more nice people. :)

February 21 2015 The Year of the Sheep - Monkeyshines 2015

Hi Dustin I am Claudia I registered and have a different screen name but I thank you so much for all the great tips and yes you are so right it is about the adventure and the people like yourself that I will meet or have contact with either face to face or just through a message of encouragement along the way. It is the sense of community and comradery that has me joining the fun and if I am lucky in the end to find a shiny treasure then that is just icing on the cake :)

Max and I will be out

February 19 2015 The Year of the Sheep - Monkeyshines 2015

Thanks Tacoma Girl will take my dog Max and go hunting even if I don’t find anything I will still love the hunt and am very grateful to all the wonderful people who take the time and their artistic skills to make this happen cheers to all of you! I am glad your daughter found her first Monkeyshines that is fantastic!!!

February 19 2015 The Year of the Sheep - Monkeyshines 2015

Good evening all missed going out hunting today hoping to go out tomorrow with my dog Max it is great to see all the posts and the treasures people have found. I am new to this and would appreciate any tips I love the happiness and community these treasures bring and hope that Ms. Monkey isn’t finished with this great tradition from what I have heard it brings a lot of joy and smiles to kids and adults alike. :) Happy hunting all!

February 19 2015 The Year of the Sheep - Monkeyshines 2015
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