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  • Feb 25 2015

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So they’re pausing to figure out “better” ways to convince us this is a good idea?  No, they just need to not build the plant, period.  Thanks.

Maybe not; for example, this pause could have been planned because the final methanol facility FEIS might expose the lacking community safety review done for the LNG facility as completed by Tacoma SEPA FEIS. My suggestion: read the LNG facility Tacoma SEPA Final EIS and judge for yourself what was considered or not considered for Tacoma

February 24 2016 Methanol Planting Scoping Process Paused by NWIW

You should read what a typical government LNG permit considers and what it does not consider when granting a LNG export permit.


January 07 2016 City OKs New PSE LNG Facility

So where is the citation hyperlink to the Municipal Corporation Port of Tacoma LNG facilities hazards analysis?

for example, something created like:

November 30 2015 City OKs New PSE LNG Facility

It is always good to have a words-joined judge reading my words.

April 02 2015 Public-Private Partnership Considered to Improve Click!

There does not exist the simple solution “Public-Private Partnership Considered to Improve Click!” since a complicated web-weave mixing TPU power, Click! cable, smart electric meters data exchanged, Tacoma power systems monitor and control, and city agencies interconnected by the Click! data cable. Thus Click! is not your typical cables strung along poles with just services to homes and businesses. E.g. Comcast and now new CentryLink data cable network.

Because Tacoma Power electrical

April 02 2015 Public-Private Partnership Considered to Improve Click!

Maybe this photo link will work just a bit better. http://bit.ly/1EqZE99

March 16 2015 Billboards: Sustainable Middle Ground With Clear Channel Eludes Tacoma

http://s157.photobucket.com/user/jmjsherman/media/Mobile Uploads/20150316115708_zpsa6qkhi9v.jpg.html

So what is the real skyscape visual pollution—-billboard or large building?

March 16 2015 Billboards: Sustainable Middle Ground With Clear Channel Eludes Tacoma

It does make one wonder, where does all the money go that is grabbed?

Let’s look at current taxes (2013) “Utility Tax This tax is similar to the gross receipts business and occupation tax except it is imposed on utility businesses. The business activities affected by this tax are telephone, cellular, gas, electric, water, sewerage, drainage, cable, and garbage. The rates are as follows: A. Power 6% B. Cable 8% C. Water and Rail Systems 8% D. Solid Waste 8% E. Sale of Electricity or Natural

March 04 2015 State of the City: "More Than Potholes... Deep Repairs..."

So the “Mayor did say that it will cost roughly $15 per household per month over those 10 years. . . .”, but did the Mayor forget to tell Tacoma about Tacoma utility(s) ratepayers fees increase proposed: Let’s not forget to add the City of Tacoma taxes added on top of the utility services rate increases money collected. Tacoma City Ordinance No. 28286 Electric rates up 3% in April and Tacoma City Ordinance No. 28285 water rates increased 4% year 2015 and again 4% year 2016?


March 04 2015 State of the City: "More Than Potholes... Deep Repairs..."

I would also like to see a Street Utility created and placed under the purview of TCU. 

I agree with the idea of a new ‘public streets utility (“Streets PU”) but such a new Tacoma Streets PU must have, I think, complete separation from present City of Tacoma Council, all other City Public Utilitie(s), and all sharing of any resources or oversight or computer systems with our present City of Tacoma governance.

Since, apparent to me, present City of Tacoma Utilitie(s) have shared money and

February 27 2015 Mayor Strickland Announces $500 Million Plan to Fix All the Potholes

You mean to clean up the ASARCO site?  I’d say getting rid of a superfund site takes priority, especially if you have a contractor like Point Ruston that is going to build roads as part of the financing plan.  I’d also prioritize public health before roads funding.

The EPA Asarco Superfund Project the protects the Tacoma and Ruston people from dirt health hazards. Yes. The Asarco site building construction stuff under construction absent building permits at issue. See generally,

February 27 2015 Mayor Strickland Announces $500 Million Plan to Fix All the Potholes

No. I would not be willing to pay, additional money to City of Tacoma, to fix all the present potholes that the City of Tacoma makes not attempt to find and fix right now. As a Tacoma Taxpayer I must report every pothole to get it added to the listing of potholes to be fixed by the City.

The Tacoma residents do not seem to understand the City of Tacoma does not look around the town to find streets needing repair. You the Tacoma Taxpayers must report every pothole necessary to be fixed fixed.

February 26 2015 Mayor Strickland Announces $500 Million Plan to Fix All the Potholes

New newspaper news: The Tacoma City Council decided to move forward with the annexation of some of the Town of Ruston with the force of Washington State Legislature bill to get the annexation forced as presented in article by Kate Martin, Staff writer, “Tacoma Oks first step in Point Ruston annexation,” The News Tribune, Feb. 25, 2015, at A1 A12 available at http://www.thenewstribune.com/2015/02/24/3656329/tacoma-council-votes-to-continue.html.

According to the Tribune article this Wash. Leg.

February 25 2015 Point Ruston Updates

Exit133.com should create an article about how Tacoma streets potholes make the list to become repaired after reported—-for example; pothole not reported by citizen then no pothole repair! That’s it ... street problems must be reported first, because the City is not looking for your poor potholed streets.

See City of Tacoma street pothole repair reporting process available at http://1drv.ms/1BWkC1h

February 25 2015 Mayor Strickland to Announce Plan to Fix Potholes
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