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From the archives.  Here is a Tacomic of Daniel from 2007.

August 04 2016 Daniel Blue: A long overdue letter to Tacoma … and an invitation

Here it is

August 04 2016 Daniel Blue: A long overdue letter to Tacoma … and an invitation

Daniel had unparalleled dedication to the 253.

(img src=“”>

August 04 2016 Daniel Blue: A long overdue letter to Tacoma … and an invitation

Ok Tacoma.  Time to fill in some of the dead blightful parking lots which have sucked out much of the life of the city.

May 10 2016 UPDATED: New Development: Stadium Apartments

In addition to the environmental benefits of infilling Tacoma rather than having even more sprawl in Pierce County which is resulting in the loss of farmland, there is also the benefit of lower housing costs when new units are built:

More Evidence: Increased Housing Supply Leads to Lower Prices

“The idea that increasing housing supply—building more housing units of all kinds—has a beneficial impact on housing price is still very controversial in Seattle. Intuitively, people know that when

May 07 2016 UPDATED: New Development: Stadium Apartments

Best news of the year. Hope for Tacoma to start filling in the sea of parking lots and dead zones where there used to be buildings.

Here is the current condition nearby the site:

November 13 2014 Tentative Deal for New Tacoma Convention Center Hotel

Double FREE Tacoma update. If you arrive using UberX (5 free rides until June 5th) at El Gaucho Tacoma, you will receive a FREE drink!

“The fine folks at El Gaucho Tacoma are setting the bar PRETTY high with their offer of a FREE drink if you show them you arrived in an uberX (just flash your receipt!) A free ride and a free drink… does it get any better?”

June 01 2014 A Week of Free UberX Rides for Tacoma

June 01 2014 A Week of Free UberX Rides for Tacoma

<img >

Looks like Tacomans around the city are enthusiastically taking advantage of free Uber rider around the city this week. (5 free rides up to $20 each for the next week). Each symbol is an UberX car.

June 01 2014 A Week of Free UberX Rides for Tacoma

I certainly agree that Tacoma needs economic development.  That is an incredible understatement.

As for housing, Tacoma’s main problem is lack of any significant economic demand.  Seattle has dozens of cranes building thousands of housing units. 

Meanwhile, Tacoma has almost no new housing being built other than a few waterfront properties and publicly subsidized housing.  Population growth is stagnant. Hundreds of empty land parcels in Tacoma sit vacant with no developer in site with any

May 21 2014 Finding the Right Job-Housing Balance for Tacoma

Come on Tacoma, you can do it! Think big!

Also see:

Citizens to Install Andy Warhol’s Flower on Tacoma Dome

April 18 2014 Andy Warhol Flower or Corporate Sponsorship for Tacoma Dome?

Sure would be nice if it happens. 

The picture in this post shows just how empty downtown Tacoma is.  Half looks like a surface level parking lot.

Then there is this right nearby, nine adjacent surface level parking lots.

Please fill in some of them with buildings ASAP.

April 15 2014 Chinese Investors Propose 2-Tower, 30-Story Downtown Development

The historical totem pole is already set to be saved.  At this point, it is a matter of the City of Tacoma being able to show that they can competently save and reserve a historical artifact.  They have already show great skill and enthusiasm at razing historical buildings.  Hopefully, they will be able to pull this off to save some of Tacoma’s history.

April 12 2014 Tacoma Totem Pole Contract: Going Once... Going Twice...

Tacoma has razed an endless number of historical buildings and monuments in it’s “urban renewal” efforts.  Many more have been lost through fire or arson.

The cost to save the 110 year old totem pole is tiny compared to what the city spends even repairing a sidewalk.

Let’s not lose yet another part of Tacoma’s history as we lost the Luzon.

April 11 2014 Tacoma Totem Pole Contract: Going Once... Going Twice...

The ridehare service Lyft is now operating in Tacoma.

Here is their coverage map which covers most of Puget Sound.

To use the service, download the app here:

March 22 2014 Is Uber Coming to Tacoma? (UPDATED)

Lyft has REALLY arrived folks.  This is downtown in the Triangle District in front of Tacoma Brewery.  First known Lyft pickup ride.

March 14 2014 Is Uber Coming to Tacoma? (UPDATED)

Here is a link to the map including Tacoma:

March 14 2014 Is Uber Coming to Tacoma? (UPDATED)

It is official folks!

Lyft has now expanded their map to include Tacoma:

<img src=“”

March 14 2014 Is Uber Coming to Tacoma? (UPDATED)

By the way it looks like Uber already covers the Puget Sound from Des Moines to Shoreline and a dozen cities in between.  Tacoma has always been left out.  Thus, thy need to just expand 12 miles making the whole issue almost a non-story. 

Here is the coverage map:

March 14 2014 Is Uber Coming to Tacoma? (UPDATED)


January 23 2014 Tacoma City Grocer to Close

The garages need to be well labeled with consistent signage, graphics, pricing, hours of operation, etc.  I’ve lived in the area for years and still don’t know where these city garages are and what it costs to park in them.  In my hometown, they have “smart park” garages owned by the city and they’re all consistent in price, hours, payment types accepted, etc.  They’re easy easy easy and therefore people use them.

Yeah.  Where is the entrance?  Where is the pay station for it? 

January 22 2014 Public Parking: Discuss (UPDATED)

My comment:

The North Park Plaza parking garage, located right by the new Pacific Ave streetscape is scary, scary, scary.  A blight on downtown hindering it in many ways.  Plus, there is no one even running it on weeknights and weekends when it could be used for visitors downtown.

It needs to be renovated like the South one asap.

January 22 2014 Public Parking: Discuss (UPDATED)

Good news.

Hopefully, this proposed design has now been avoided:

January 14 2014 No More Amshak for Tacoma

Political Tacomic commentary

January 07 2014 Plans for The Proctor Move Forward

Some of the few non-subsidized housing being built in Tacoma. Looking forward to a surface level muddy parking lot being filled with a continuous retail storefront repairing some of the urban fabric in Proctor.

January 06 2014 Plans for The Proctor Move Forward

A local Tacoma artist made this rendering.

December 19 2013 New Amtrak Station at Freighthouse Square

Incredible.  Hopefully they can pull it off.  In the top 3 percent of projects built in the last 60 years in Tacoma.  Usually, all Tacoma gets is a bunch of car centric strip malls.  Here are the components of it:

1) Adding housing in one of Tacoma’s mixed use centers.

2) Adding retail on the “main street” of Proctor repairing come of the urban fabric.

3) Built right next to the street for pedestrian walkability and friendliness helping complete a living room feeling.

4) Filling in a muddy

December 09 2013 Are You Ready For a New Proctor?

Perhaps we could combine the naming rights along with getting the Warhol Flower finally on the Dome.

June 17 2013 Renaming the Dome: Your Name in Lights!

Tacomic update:

Discussion here:

June 04 2013 How Do We Honor the History of the Tacoma Totem Pole?

Chelsea and Hanna Heights were two of the rare competed projects of Prium during the last boom in Tacoma. 

Built to the edge of the sidewalk with significant housing above and offices on the first floor, Chelsea Heights is one of the best buildings constructed buildings over the last 30 years in Tacoma where strip malls and suburban housing developments have been the norm.

Hopefully, more of the “medical mile” folks will want to live in the area rather than just commute to Tacoma, park in

June 01 2013 California Developer Buys Chelsea Heights Apartments

Tacoma should restore and save the Totem.  It has done well for 110 years, why not keep it there.  It is a bold piece of art in a city that certainly needs some more interesting art, not less of it.  I like that it was placed where it was as a source of city pride.

Tacoma already lost the Luzon to the bulldozer because of fears of it falling down, are Tacomans going to let the totem be destroyed as well?

A few well placed dollars poured into the totem could save it for another 110 years where

May 23 2013 How Do We Honor the History of the Tacoma Totem Pole?

Nice.  Glad to see sanity eventually prevailed in the decision rather than simply political considerations.  With downtown Tacoma connected to the high density node of Stadium and MLK, Link has the potential for significant ridership and success in the future!

May 23 2013 Sound Transit Approves Further Study of E1 Tacoma Link Expansion

A bizarre, misguided and harmful action to the future of Ruston and to the Point Ruston project. It is true that Tacoma passed a few moratoriums, but never anything this broad.

Btw,, many of Ruston’s proposed new regulations would do more harm than good.

Facades over 25 feet wide must provide a five foot yard setback for 50% of the total facade length.

Require a setback on a mainstreet?  That makes everything a strip mall.  There are no setback in Tacoma’s historical mainstreets such as the

May 21 2013 Ruston Development Moratorium
Event Date Make Changes