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  • May 14 2013

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Here is the thing about Diarrhea Blue, Everything he has done he STOLE from meee!! The 253 heart sticker was a direct rip off of my 425 heart sticker! His band MOTOPONY won against my band TACOMA COMMUNIST PARTY unfairly in battle of the bands because he seduced most of the judges with his new beard. He didn’t even gro a beard till he saw a picture of meee!! I tell you the system is rigged. RIGGED! and now Daniel Blue comes crawling back to jizbones with some rambling trump speech ? HUMBUG!

August 04 2016 Daniel Blue: A long overdue letter to Tacoma … and an invitation

screw all fossil fuel products up the pipeline hole!  http://www.thriceallamerican.com/articles/252/another-waterfront-ballclub-option

April 20 2016 NWIW Halts Methanol Plant Development in Tacoma

lets see some REAL Northwest Innovation Works!

April 20 2016 Imagine Tacoma–S. 19th & Tyler (2)

methanol is dead!  bring back the DMZ!  help fight sea level rise!

April 20 2016 Imagine Tacoma - Port DMZ

BILLBOARDS, NWDC, WALMART…  not so fast Methanol Plant!

February 19 2016 Methanol Planting Scoping Process Paused by NWIW

didn’t see that coming a mile away.  the Elks destroyed any chance at life in that whole area. fancy breakfast looking out at the butt side of dead wallmart zone

October 29 2015 Smoke + Cedar is Closing

Here are 7 reasons to vote NO on $15 Now!  http://comics.feedtacoma.com/tacomic/tacomic-seven-7-deadly-reasons-vote-no-15/

October 14 2015 Guest Article: Know15.com Direct to $15 is too EXTREME!

here you go! http://comics.feedtacoma.com/tacomic/tacomic-know15com-tacoma-pierce-county-chamber-commerce-campaign/

June 24 2015 Let's Try Something A Little Different

does this help? http://comics.feedtacoma.com/tacomic/tacomic-know15com-tacoma-pierce-county-chamber-commerce-campaign/

June 24 2015 $15 Minimum Wage Will Appear on November Ballots in Tacoma

my tribute to JH aka New Takhoman http://comics.feedtacoma.com/tacomic/tacomic-new-takhoman-lives/

June 11 2015 John Hathaway, Self-Appointed Gadfly of Tacoma, Dead at 69

I like it.  lots of indoor kite and airplane/drone potential

April 09 2015 Asking For More From a New McCarver Elementary School Library

no anti $15 now issue bullet point ?

April 09 2015 Kris Blondin Announces Tacoma City Council Candidacy in District 3

does this help? http://comics.feedtacoma.com/tacomic/tacomic-save-our-old-city-hall/

March 25 2015 Old City Hall - Sometimes Love Isn't All You Need

come on Sherman! To the Way Back Machine: http://www.tacomadailyindex.com/blog/historic-buildings-historic-recession-questions-for-old-city-hall-owner-george-webb/1895199/

March 24 2015 Old City Hall - Sometimes Love Isn't All You Need

the people of Tacoma would be welcomed as liberators! flowers and parades!  the people of Ruston cry out for freedom!  We should start sending supplies and weapons to moderate rebel fighters

January 23 2015 Annexing Point Ruston

There is still time brother! https://www.facebook.com/events/351512038341675/

October 15 2014 Miko the Cat of King's Books Passes Away

the time to gentrify Proctor neighborhood is NOW.  High time we push out all the riff-Raff

June 30 2014 Work Begins Soon on The Proctor

the catch is after your free ride you are expected to run the leaf blower for at least 5 min.

May 20 2014 BIA Could Pay to keep Link Free Until 2016

hipster fashion district !

April 29 2014 Shaun Alexander & Justin Kercher Bring "Do The Extraordinary" Clothing Line to Tacoma's Pac Ave

hell will freeze over before I buy a new car from those scumbags who killed prop 1

March 25 2014 "Tacoma's Auto Row" Becoming Official

at first I was offended by the ‘broncos orange’ bags so close on the heels of the Sea Hawks sports victory…  Now that zeeck has adjusted the color to ‘invisible’  I am totally cool with it.  Besides, when I scoop poop I can see clearly my dog’s digestive health.  I should invest in a dog.

February 24 2014 TNT Response Re #ZeeckBag Issue

how about spanking our daily newspaper to pick up after their litterbugs?

February 21 2014 A Safe, Clean, Attractive Tacoma

Most wired city! Tacoma 3.1!  Can we rename the empty wells Fargo building?

February 17 2014 State of the City: Tacoma 2.0

what about the issue of the bags being the same color as the broncos orange?  Why do you hate the people so much TNT?

February 12 2014 Tacoma City Council Meeting - February 11, 2014

dark horse

December 17 2013 Replacement Named for Councilmember Ibsen

print-size here!

I vote for Fredo!

December 17 2013 District 1 Bingo

Where do candidates stand on Blue Ribbon Party House?

December 16 2013 District 1 Applicants

Bike vaults inside the park & ride no?

December 16 2013 New Amtrak Station at Freighthouse Square

I can’t wait to see that new place… what is it called?  Tinkertopia! yeah Tinkertopia is like the best for authentic Tacoma alt. Art!

December 09 2013 An Arts Lover’s Guide to Tacoma Holiday Happenings

I am so ready for this!

December 09 2013 Are You Ready For a New Proctor?

Chamber of Commerce Job Creator!

November 11 2013 Tacoma's newest McDonald's will open near new year

does this help?


November 11 2013 City of Tacoma Responds to Failure of Prop 1

somebody came into the shop and was trying to get us to sign their carter school petition thing.  annoying!

November 09 2013 Charter Schools Are Coming, For Better of For Worse...

awe. Tiger GTMO

November 09 2013 Tiger Kid Meets Tiger Cub

Did you know Tinkertopia is the exclusive authorized distributor of original surplus Tacomic pencil art?  I can’t say that on Feedtacoma.com right now

November 03 2013 City Council Meeting - July 1, 2008

you can still get the real deal at Tinkertopia!  we have lifetimes supply of them!

October 26 2013 New in 2013: Pierce County Votes Digital "Stickers"

hey is anyone else going?


October 12 2013 The City of Tacoma Launches 'artTown'

‘art town is ‘riggin ‘antastic !

October 10 2013 The City of Tacoma Launches 'artTown'


October 08 2013 Retail, Restaurants, Access in Plans for Point Defiance

Hey how about go carts?

October 08 2013 Retail, Restaurants, Access in Plans for Point Defiance

maybe they’ll do a better job of maintaining the face-melting marsha moody clearchannel billboards? http://comics.feedtacoma.com/tacomic/tacomic-marsha-moody-state-farm-agents-face-melting/

October 08 2013 State Farm's Place in Tacoma's Destiny

Frank Herbert Memorial Sandworm

October 03 2013 Retail, Restaurants, Access in Plans for Point Defiance

We need robocop

October 02 2013 Tacoma City Business Preview - Week of October 1, 2013

You liar. The poorest people get the best deal of all on their utility bills. Stop lying you vile poison lips liar!

October 02 2013 Tacoma City Council Meeting - October 1, 2013

festivus for the restivus!

September 27 2013 Tacoma Totem Pole to Stay Vertical

boot to the head!

September 25 2013 Old City Hall Owners Agree to Fix Roof

At least they opened the stair case again!

September 17 2013 Prairie Line Trail Progress... Or Lack Thereof...

look at me i’m registered!

September 17 2013 Economic Development: An End in Itself?

At least we can still comment anonymously on exit133! 

see also: http://comics.feedtacoma.com/tacomic/tacomic-tacomic-look-feather-signs/

September 16 2013 Economic Development: An End in Itself?


September 16 2013 Economic Development: An End in Itself?

this is about sending a message…  love letter !

September 15 2013 City May Act to Repair Old City Hall Roof

drone strikes against derelict building owners should be option on the table.

September 14 2013 City May Act to Repair Old City Hall Roof

“Tacoma Screw Dome”  just sayin

September 14 2013 On the Market: Tacoma

Spaceworks Tacoma a tiny program under the umbrella of economic development is radical.

September 14 2013 Economic Development: An End in Itself?

I’ll miss that Saturday Special,  parking the tinkermobile out front all day.  le sigh

September 14 2013 Changes Coming to Parking in Downtown Tacoma

as a small business job creator located on PAC ave in front of a fire hydrant… red curbs don’t mean Aloha Cab pickup/drop off !

September 14 2013 Changes Coming to Parking in Downtown Tacoma

move them to the LeMay Museum dome parking lot

September 10 2013 No More Go-Karts at Point Defiance... Probably...

don’t know about stadium way but Pac Ave is looking pretty killer http://i.feedtacoma.com/NineInchNachos/kalakalakart-book-ferry-launching-little/

September 04 2013 New & Improved Stadium Way Open to Cars and Bikes

ebay?  craigslist?  that dumb electronic sign in front of the dumb dome?

September 02 2013 Name That Dome... Take 2...

What is holding us back?  Two words:  Street Trees.    They ruin everything!

August 28 2013 What Holds Back Tacoma's Economic Development?

This is the best store ever!

August 20 2013 Stepping Out With Wylla Stout: Tinkertopia!

anything that may assist the bane of Tacoma, Simpson Kraft Stink factory shutdown is OK by me.  Kidney Fail!

August 19 2013 Tacoma's Prop 1: What Do You Need to Know?

maybe a drive up window for bikes?  I second the family friendly area

August 19 2013 The Red Hot Moves on to Bigger and Better

it’s faster to walk than wait for the dumb link.  Also I witnessed one of the link nazi guards shout at a young person “EXCUSE ME SIR, NO SLEEPING ON THE LINK!”  jesus christ almighty, resting your eyes is what transit is all about.  Can’t even bloody relax with out some tin-pot fascist screaming in your face. 

August 15 2013 Sound Transit Considers Implementing Link Fares

keeping it quiet is a mistake.  Where are the blue sky ribbon cuttings? https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Tacoma-Pierce-County-Shameber/550724138297501

August 12 2013 31 Billboards Down...

maybe the city can flip the luzon !

August 06 2013 Preventing Neglect of Historic Properties Info Session

Death2SimpsonKraft!  I want to breath air that doesn’t smell like hobotaint

August 04 2013 Challenge Filed to Utility Tax Ballot Measure

please start with the meth houses in my neighborhood

July 30 2013 City of Tacoma Considers Getting Into Flipping

God Bless our Freedoms!

July 30 2013 Relaunching the Business Directory

I’d rather just have the “i voted’ sticker

July 30 2013 Fearless Exploration: A New Brand Identity for Tacoma & Pierce County

It just so happens that Tinkertopia has come across a crate of “I voted” stickers…  probably a lifetime supply.  We’ll sell them buy the yard!

July 22 2013 The End of "I voted" Stickers

Pacific Ave business owner here,  time limits suck!

June 26 2013 Possible Changes to Some Downtown Parking

don’t forget lame-wad robo-sign wavers

June 26 2013 Regulating Feather Signs in Downtown Tacoma

now in illustrated form…


June 25 2013 Renaming the Dome: Your Name in Lights!

I just painted an illegal crosswalk for Tacomic Tuesday http://comics.feedtacoma.com/tacomic/tacomic-occupy-vigilante-renegade-rogue-crosswalks/

June 11 2013 The City Responds to Guerrilla Crosswalks



June 11 2013 The City Responds to Guerrilla Crosswalks

I just painted an illegal crosswalk FOR TACOMIC TUESDAY!


June 11 2013 The City Responds to Guerrilla Crosswalks

Harkonen Park?  Fremen Park?

June 10 2013 Remembering Tacoma Author Frank Herbert - With a Park

Fred, only stencil areas of road in need of grinding

June 07 2013 The City Responds to Guerrilla Crosswalks

every crosswalk ground away by the city just makes the crosswalk look like a real crosswalk!

June 07 2013 The City Responds to Guerrilla Crosswalks


June 07 2013 The City Responds to Guerrilla Crosswalks


June 05 2013 Tacoma City Council Meeting - June 4, 2013

it’s true, there is nothing but racism


May 28 2013 Sound Transit Approves Further Study of E1 Tacoma Link Expansion

now this is service!

May 22 2013 Tacoma City Council Meeting - May 21, 2013

the entire town of ruston may be closed for business,  but The Tacomic is fired up! http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=171045105144

May 22 2013 Ruston Development Moratorium

the bike racks are being discriminated against and excluded from proctor just like how the gays are being discriminated against and excluded from the Boyscouts

May 22 2013 Bike Racks for Proctor Hit Speed Bump

LIBERATE RUSTON! http://comics.feedtacoma.com/tacomic/tacomic-liberate-fircrest-university-place-ruston-tax-shelters/

May 21 2013 Ruston Development Moratorium

another challenge….  visit all the pocket libraries, swap books!


May 21 2013 Take the Bike Commuter Challenge

kings books
Tagro factory
never never land
historic post office
main library
Lincoln highschool statue
Lincoln hardware
creek restoration van
sonics guy
dirt alert truck

May 16 2013 Tacoma Playing Cards: The Red Deck

all the city did was distress the crosswalks to look like all the REAL city crosswalks.  Now people will really think they’re real.  #occupycrosswalks

May 16 2013 Guerrilla Street Markings Are No More

do they let you embed city council meeting video these days?

May 15 2013 Tacoma City Council Meeting - May 14, 2013

testing testing!

May 14 2013 Welcoming a New Exit133 (version 3)
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