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Well, this is actually the second time I have given this warning here about permeable asphalt next to an old building.  The first time was on Pacific Avenue north of 9th Street.  The city looked in to it and changed the plan on Pacific to have rain gardens that drain out of the area via pipes instead of using permeable asphalt there too drain directly into the ground.

September 22 2015 Tacoma City Business Preview - Week of September 22, 2015

Yay!  That would be amazing.  Fingers crossed!

September 22 2015 An EB-5 Funded Mixed-Use Development in Tacoma's Brewery District?

Permeable asphalt should never be used next to buildings where the foundations are older than 1930.  Before this time, there was a considerable amount of contaminants in concrete from the kiln process and the dirty sand they used.  Sometimes concrete contractors would just form in the inside of a foundation and let the concrete fill the narrow void of the dig out - thus allowing dirt in the mix.

Please look in to the use of this asphalt and what it would mean to the historic business district

September 22 2015 Tacoma City Business Preview - Week of September 22, 2015

I disagree.  Tacoma has a long history of making utilitarian decisions that have negative long-term consequences.  “Cash in right now and screw the future” mentality. 

For instance, did you know the port property was water way south to about 15th street before the railroad filled it in?  That killed off most of the views of the bay from downtown and converted that view into views of factories, tanks, tilt-up warehouses, and trash.

How about the move of shopping to the mall?  Nobody will

July 27 2015 Revitalizing Tacoma

The fact of the matter is that we don’t know if this project costs more than a downtown version.  Sound ridiculous?  It’s not.  Downtown doesn’t need a shuttle service.  Downtown has great public transit and the ability of the County to have employees fen for themselves as far as parking goes - which really isn’t possible at 36th and Pacific.  Downtown, the County could get away with never building a parking spot again for future employees.  Downtown has greater possibilities as far as economic

January 31 2015 Pierce County General Services Building: Growing Plans

Part of the problem with this project is that it comes with little vision or the ability of the County to do amplify it’s investment in the City.  Part of a transit advocates vision is that of helping the lower and middle income individuals keep more money in their pockets by ditching a household car - which is, on average a $700 a month cost, all things considered.

So, let me give an example of a better plan for this consolidation project, if you’d indulge me.

-  OCH:  Use Old City Hall as

January 29 2015 Pierce County General Services Building: Growing Plans

As the costs rise for this project, it is becoming more apparent why mid-rise office towers rarely abut neighborhoods with single-family housing.  A few points for this project include:

A. The proposed eleven hundred parking spots are absolutely needed.  One parking spot for each employee is necessary because you have to make sure nobody parks in the nearby neighborhood.
B.    The cited $46m price tag for a parking garage, if built downtown, is a total cost.  It is not “Delta” cost, or, the

January 28 2015 Pierce County General Services Building: Growing Plans

Sad loss for the City Council.  Maybe he could be a consultant for them in the future…

Glass half full moment: Did I see something about “Imagine Tacoma” coming back?  Excited!  David is always full of great ideas.

January 28 2015 David Boe to Run (Away) in 2015

I will be there on the 22nd as I was starting to feel like I was the only person in the county to see this location as a huge mistake and a loss of potential for downtown and the county. 

Points of interest (to me):
-  The county knows this location is out of context or it wouldn’t be putting in special shades to stop light pollution into the surrounding neighborhood.
-  When State Farm came to downtown, it gave the catalyst for some pretty impressive mixed-use projects worth millions and tax

January 15 2015 Group Challenges Planned Pierce County Administration Building Location

Some of these areas aren’t much as far as MUC’s go and should have been eliminated (in this case, “reclassified”) as Tacoma doesn’t have enough density to support 17 different areas.  I’ve driven down Portland Avenue many times and, for the life of me, couldn’t point out the MUC there.  I mean, I see a zone of like three close together businesses - is that it?  Or what about the Narrows area?  A fire station, theater, and caterer constitute possible millions in reinvestment and a plan for

January 15 2015 Reviewing Tacoma's Mixed Use Centers

I hope you’re right.  I’ve attached a page containing an original shoreline map of Tacoma and views of the tide flats before they were industrial wastelands.  Note that Tacoma had a great view of water and natural wildlife until the tide flats were filled in for industrial purposes… about the same time Tacoma’s boom ended… hmmm…  Looks like water views all the way south to South 15th Street - a full mile south of where Commencement Bay starts today.

What if downtown Tacoma were ON Commencement

December 31 2014 Simpson Lumber Sells Mill Operations & Tacoma Headquarters

I think the Warhol Flower for Tacoma is a great idea.  Why?  Well, Andy Warhol, especially since his death, has gained notoriety as a unique American artist.  He claims, in his death, the largest museum in the country that only concentrates on one artist.  Think about that.  That means people travel to that museum because they’re big fans - and they also fund it.

What does that mean for this project?  Having the largest Warhol on the planet will not only cause some tourism to Tacoma but it

December 17 2014 Warhol Flower for the Tacoma Dome Update

Thanks for the update on this stuff.  This looks like a lot of hard work by the E133 crew.

I am somewhat surprised and delighted to see Park Place North is only worth about $2m.  I think the City should give the top half of it, and air rights over Commerce Street to the Broadway Center instead of the cash they’re thinking about giving them.  Then, the Broadway Center could build a modern movie theatre on the top floor and over Commerce Street that has it’s main entrance on the Theatre on the

December 12 2014 Update: Plans for High-Priority City-Owned Properties

Don’t worry.  The nine story county consolidation site is going in directly across the street.  They claim it will revitalize the area!  Considering that is one of the only vacant lots nearby, and it’s infilled with trash, you should get some nice low-rise apartments there… eventually. 

$176k worth of land will finally be SOLD instead of multi-million dollar high density infill in the downtown core!  Way to go Pierce County!

December 12 2014 Update: Plans for High-Priority City-Owned Properties

I read that paragraph to my wife last night because it struck me funny too.  I’m making assumptions here, but here’s what I think…

I live on Fox Island.  Literally 90% of ALL roads from here to Gig Harbor have been either chip sealed or repaved in the last few years.  ALL major roads on Fox Island were chip sealed, with some repaved, this past summer - as well as many power lines buried.  None of these roads looked as bad as 75% of the streets in downtown Tacoma.  I’m saying that the emphasis

December 05 2014 Stan Flemming Concedes to Derek Young for County Council District 7

I love the idea of an interactive water feature.  I hope they plan on making it something kids can play in so it attracts families.  Metro Parks does a great job with their water parks and a water feature that fit this particular park would be great.

I would love to see a permanent coffee stand.

I would like to see the 16 foot high plaza and cafe extend some sort of platform, while avoiding it being dark or cavernous underneath, over Pacific Avenue.  This would enable views up and down

December 04 2014 Plans for the Future: Tollefson Plaza & Prairie Line Trail

The city should borrow against future property tax revenue to do a makeover of the surrounding streets once this project is completed.  This will all be “new money” so to speak, and wouldn’t be missed.

What I’m saying is, I hope the city is scheming ways/deals to amplify this investment while not jeopardizing the deal they have in hand.  I have faith… (?)

November 20 2014 City Signs Off on Development Agreement for Convention Center Hotel

You’re right about Tollefson Plaza.  It’s easily fixable though. 

1. Turn the fountains waterfall 90 degrees toward Pacific Avenue
2. Make the water visible by putting in something at the crest of the waterfall to make it “white water” as it falls to the pool
3. Create a shallow pool that gradually gets deeper (total of about 9 inches) near the waterfall splash - so you can walk into it like at the beach
4.  Allow food carts and tables on the upper deck

Viola!  Kids will play in it. 

November 20 2014 City Signs Off on Development Agreement for Convention Center Hotel

BTW, we had three days to prep and paint the mill.  They were 16-18 hour days.  Who’s in?

November 19 2014 Up For Discussion: Paid Sick Leave in Tacoma

My Dad was a house painter who owned his own business.  Ya, not a glamorous job or one that made us rich but we got by.  We had to earn all of the year’s money during the sunny days of the summer.  I started working with him when I was eight years old cleaning brushes after he’d get home from the day so he could go out at night to bid more work.

By the time I was in High School we had a contract with a lumber mill to paint the inside and outside every year.  The mill would get beat up bad and

November 19 2014 Up For Discussion: Paid Sick Leave in Tacoma

This is fantastic news and a real win for Tacoma.  The people who are putting this deal together should be proud as this is a big accomplishment.  Great job!  Now, THIS is how you build a city!

The News Tribune article states that 160 surface level parking spots could be displaced and those may need to be replaced by using the sale revenue to build a parking garage.  Here’s an idea; offer to build a City/County owned/leased garage under the Haub lot at 13th and Pacific to ease the costs of

November 14 2014 Tentative Deal for New Tacoma Convention Center Hotel

I think it would be awesome if they could cap part of Commerce Street and Park Place North with a modern cinema.  Have the doors open onto Theatre on the Square.  Move the proposed stage to the south end of the square.  More people, more entertainment, and attraction of more peripheral businesses that way.

Heck, give the top floor (or two) of Park Place North and air rights over Commence Street to The Broadway Center.  Have them attract a modern cinema to this spot and let them lease or sell

October 24 2014 Broadway Center Vision for the Future

When I first moved to Tacoma in 2005, I had never seen so many overhead power lines in a city in my life.  They still have them in the downtown grid!  Underground them while replacing the 100 year old streets while you’re at it.

September 16 2014 Tacoma City Business Preview - Week of September 16, 2014

Whew!  This is a loaded idea.  I mean, are you saying that Tacoma could have freedom to actually govern itself, capitalize on it’s strengths, and narrow it’s liabilities via tax/rate code?  What a concept!

Does “rates” also mean adjusting TPU rates inside and outside the city limits?

September 16 2014 Fiscal Home Rule for Tacoma?

If you’re on the fence about going to these events, know that they’re really good. 

I wish I could make the September 18th meeting as they take a look at what Portland did to re-vamp itself.  I sold a lot of the Portland Streetcar, Pearl District, and South Waterfront construction materials back in the late 1990’s-2000’s.  I saw the plans for every project from that era.  It’d be interesting to know the point of view of experts on these things.

September 16 2014 Conversations Re:Tacoma 2014: Destiny Realized

Wait.  Ruston is a city?  Who knew?!

August 18 2014 Point Ruston Threatens City of Ruston with $150 Million Lawsuit

Most moderate apartment buildings max out at five stories.  That is, a few stories of concrete construction topped with stick construction.  Above five stories, there is a whole different construction methodology that jacks up costs significantly and you then need a lot of height and therefore rents to make up for the costs to build.

What I am saying is that, basically, there’s an economic reason why the 5000 square food lot is slated to be only one floor.

August 18 2014 More Change Coming to the Stadium District

660-990 square feet on 12th and Pike in downtown Seattle for $1800 to $2700 in rent.  How is this, in any way, comparable to the Tacoma market?  Of course that would work in Tacoma if they could get those rents for apartments with no views.  They can’t.  But guess what?  The building costs to build this building are identical besides the dirt.

August 18 2014 More Change Coming to the Stadium District

I used to go to the original location on Barbur Blvd in Portland all the time when I worked close by.  This place is a Portland institution - right up there with McMenamins, Burgerville, McCormick & Schmick’s (Jake’s Famous Crawfish).

I can’t wait to get me some banana pancakes - one of my top restaurant dishes I miss from back home.

August 12 2014 Original Pancake House to Open in Former Primo Grill Space

Absolutely it’s a good thing.  I agree.  But, I’ve seen things like this implemented in a way that makes a patient’s care tied to a mathematical equation - which is notoriously done in hospital systems to create formulary.  There’s so much more to a patient than that.  Mathematical equations ignore the reality of a patient’s lifestyle, psyche, ability to cope with disease, and on and on.  Things like this are a pitfall for people with engineer brains who make management decisions at hospitals -

July 16 2014 How machine learning is saving lives while saving hospitals money

I work in the healthcare field and talk to hundreds of providers every month.  I know the industry.  This tool, in theory, is good.  But, the most important thing about medicine is that it is practiced; one size does not fit all.  That means that every patient is different.  Their tolerance for pain, anguish, or whatever else ails them is different from patient to patient.  This allows or disallows medical providers to choose their line of therapy tailored to the patient.  This tool is a way

July 15 2014 How machine learning is saving lives while saving hospitals money

KOMO 4 just said that Tacoma won the votes and will be facing off with a few other Fire Departments in a trivia and physical challenge soon.  A new opportunity to vote, they said, is in the near future.  Good job Tacoma Fire… and thanks for keeping us safe and sound!

July 10 2014 Tacoma Fire Department Struts Its Stuff

You sound like my Mother.  She visits me every so often and basically tries to guilt me into giving her money to live on.  She talks as if she knows my income and budget.  She tells me that I can afford different things that aren’t on my radar for spending.  She really doesn’t know anything about my finances but she certainly seems ok with dictating what and where my money should go.  She ends up looking like a foolish know-it-all. 

What I’m saying is; don’t be a Mother.

July 01 2014 11th Street Bridge Will Close to Traffic

I’m perplexed how the City Council could vote on many of the proposed charter changes considering some of the changes they threw out had to do with their own interests.  Doesn’t self interest in a proposition mean the Council members need to recuse themselves?

July 01 2014 Charter Changes: Apply to Write For & Against Statements

Portland is working on a street fee to fund maintenance work on roads and bridges.  They’re passing it without a public vote, which is probably what will need to happen in Tacoma considering a street levy hasn’t been passes since the 1960’s here.
Basically, they’re charging businesses and residents a fee for how much road they’re using.  That is, if you live in a condo in downtown, you share a portion of street with several other people and therefore pay very little fees.  If you’re way out in

July 01 2014 11th Street Bridge Will Close to Traffic

Does anyone live in this neighborhood now?  Granted that the transit situation is great there, it’s somewhat cut off from the rest of downtown and completely cut off from the waterway that happens to sit literally a stones throw away.  Raise building height limits and move the railroad so this area is actually on the water.  Dredge out most of the land east of the Puyallup river into an inner harbor (ala Victoria) so that water and boats can be seen from walking any street in south downtown and

June 22 2014 Tacoma Dome Transit Oriented Development - Who's Interested?

I hope they can find a solution where it stays downtown.  It’s one of the really vibrant businesses in the core.

June 03 2014 Future UWT Plans May or May Not Include The Spaghetti Factory

How is McMenamin’s inability to get financing for this project the City Council’s fault?  Please explain.

The city actually offered a parking garage when this project was coupled with a larger apartment complex in it’s original plans.  That’s capital (against the financing) for a project that would bring decades of tourism and tax revenue and a nice ROI.  McMenamins was, according to news articles, indifferent about it.

June 03 2014 McMenamins News for Bothell, Not So Much for Tacoma

Great news!  The trick now is to fund the extension before the ride fares go into effect in September 2016.  A new fare will cut a percent of riders giving Sound Transit a convenient reason to slow their roll on the extension and spend their resources elsewhere.

May 23 2014 Free Ride to Continue on Tacoma's Link

Make it an auto mall or something else entirely.  For retail, it’s currently old and without room for all the tenants that might want to be there.  The layout of the area currently is situated so it kills off the ability for a rebirth of 56th/S. Tacoma Way and Lincoln business districts to ever become anything great without a HUGE injection of density.

Then, start fresh and rebuild a modern mall at I-5 and Hwy 512 in the suburbs where a mall like this belongs.  Build a second city mall in the

May 21 2014 (Re)Planning the Tacoma Mall Area

Businesses haven’t located in Tacoma because it’s not nearly as pretty, interesting, or sustainable as Seattle.  Why pay almost as much in Tacoma when you can locate in Seattle and have a beautiful view of Elliott Bay outside your window?  Tacoma overlooks the port.

Is it no coincidence that Tacoma’s boom (1873-1910) lasted until about the time the port went from a view of sailing ships docking in beautiful tide flats to an industrial view of spewing stench and tilt-up buildings?

Hell, the

May 21 2014 Finding the Right Job-Housing Balance for Tacoma

Erecting poles…

May 09 2014 Two Landmark Poles for Tacoma

As long as it doesn’t stink.

May 01 2014 Port of Tacoma Authorizes Preliminary Lease for Natural Gas Processing Plant

Angle parking = businesses

Great news!

April 29 2014 Shaun Alexander & Justin Kercher Bring "Do The Extraordinary" Clothing Line to Tacoma's Pac Ave

How can this giant investment be leveraged to create even more investment?

April 14 2014 Chinese Investors Propose 2-Tower, 30-Story Downtown Development

But will they sell plates of just cheeses?  Meats?  Yes please.

April 14 2014 Aviateur Opens in Old Zara, Sea Grill Space on Pacific Ave

Just a steel pole?  Hmm… Maybe we can create something specific to Tacoma with it… something unique?  Wait!  That’s been done!  Tacoma could be the first city to formally recognize festivus!  Is there a tree?  No, instead there’s a pole; requires no decoration.  I find tinsel distracting.

April 14 2014 Tacoma Totem Pole Contract: Going Once... Going Twice...

Why did this come into my head when I read your comment?

April 09 2014 Concessions Carts Wanted for Some Tacoma Parks

This is the modern day version of all those pictures in Tacoma archives where people are standing around, cutting ribbons, for the wrecking ball to start work on decimating half of Pacific Avenue so it can be replaced by Park Place North & South.  Just look at how the crowd cheered as they lost another gigantic opportunity!

April 08 2014 Tacoma City Business Preview - Week of April 8, 2014

I reiterate everything I said about the Pierce County Consolidation site in the comments section here:

County Consolidation at the old hospital site is a fantastic spreadsheet solution… but it isn’t a leadership one.  What about all the lost impact that could have been downtown if it were built there?  What about the easy transit from Hilltop that’s going into effect? 

April 08 2014 Tacoma City Business Preview - Week of April 8, 2014

The reason people aren’t beating down their doors to invest in this is that it promises 8% ROI.  That’s low.  It has nothing to do with brewpubs being OVER.

April 03 2014 Crowd Funding a Possibility for McMenamins Elks Project

Is McMenamins asking for public subsidies?  There was a parking garage deal with the City was in place when the Grace Pleasants apartment complex was linked to this but… the McMenamins brothers have said that they don’t need a parking garage or necessarily want one.  Do explain.

April 03 2014 Crowd Funding a Possibility for McMenamins Elks Project

I worked for a non-profit activity based youth program for many years.  I had this area as part of my territory.  I could not give away activities for the youth there because their parents would not be involved.  Sorry, but Tacoma, and this area in particular, are regionally notorious for a lack of parental involvement.  If this project hinges on parental involvement to make it work, save your money.  Harsh but true.  Sorry.

Plus, I have a real question; how is this building going to do

March 28 2014 Eastside Community Center Feasibility Study

Go to the local grocery store and look around.  Look at the people, the store, what they’re putting into their carts, and what type of personalities they might have.  Those people will be your neighbors.

This theory saved me from a move to Port Orchard when I first moved to the area.  Whew!

March 28 2014 Advice on Moving to Tacoma

Everyone is doing such a great job on this.  A linear park will draw (already has) investors wanting to build along the park with housing and restaurants.  Can’t wait to see what unfolds!

March 24 2014 Prairie Line Trail Planning Gathering Steam

In my perfect utopian world, the current mall gets turned into a new car auto mall similar to the one in Vancouver, Wa.  Then two malls are built to replace the current one - one in downtown and one at the corner of 512 and I-5.  A mall at 512 and I-5 is more likely far enough away from downtown, South Tacoma and 56th, and Lincoln as to not canabalize their shopping districts while drawing more from Lacey, Lakewood, and Puyallup.  Sorry… I’m off on a tangent…

March 24 2014 "Tacoma's Auto Row" Becoming Official

What stops dealerships from moving to Fife where they can have freeway frontage and zero B&O tax?  The B&O tax on new car, with it’s high cost and somewhat low profit margin, can eat up a lot of money when a dealer is selling a few thousand of them a year.  Used cars, however, have larger profit margins as a percent of sales price.  So, long term, what kind of dealerships will be on South Tacoma Way?  Used cars… while the (nicer) new car dealerships will continue to locate to Fife and simply

March 24 2014 "Tacoma's Auto Row" Becoming Official


March 20 2014 Comment on Five Mile Drive Closure to Vehicles

Tacoma needs some real pioneers in transit.  The perfect solution is here!  The romance of the handsome cab without the guilt or dander of the equine:

March 19 2014 Is Uber Coming to Tacoma? (UPDATED)

Huh.  I was thinking how nice the view here was without the restroom sitting right at the end of the street there in Old Tacoma.  I think the area is esthetically improved without it.  Hopefully this is being built farther south on Ruston Way than the old one…

March 18 2014 Work to Begin on Old Town Dock Restrooms

Not to be a total poop, but I wish this were being built downtown on top of Park Place North.  You can’t win em’ all I guess.

March 18 2014 Work Under Way On New Movie Theater at Point Ruston

Love it! 

What does $38m buy as far as housing units?  The Henry, being built on the Foss right now, has 161 units at $32m so I’m guessing about the same number of units for this project?

Could they sell the Pierce County garage thingy on Pacific Avenue and the tire warehouse too?  Do you know what would be cool?  A bar in the electricity substation building and courtyard.  Exciting!

March 18 2014 More On Possible Brewery District Development

Regarding #2:  Although I am not a fan of one-way streets, sometimes I think they actually do make sense.  On South Tacoma Way and Washington Streets between S 60th and S 42nd, perhaps having those streets branch off into one way streets would serve well.  It would provide angle parking and really wide sidewalk room right on South Tacoma Way, angle parking outside of South Park on S Tacoma Way, wide enough sidewalks for bistro seating at restaurants, and new traffic on Washington that would

March 13 2014 Tacoma's Strategic Direction for 2014

The city could build a gondola on 11th Street that stopped at Foss, Pacific Ave, Tacoma Ave, and MLK.  Crystal Mountain did an awesome shorter one for $8m.  What would a new library cost?  A library wouldn’t do as much for the city either…

It’s all a pipe-dream but fun to think about…

February 21 2014 A New Library for Hilltop?

If only Tacoma could get the railroad freight trains redirected up the hill parallel to the Sounder tracks instead of across the Foss waterfront… Then we could take out the I-705 Freeway north of South 21st Street and make that all surface streets.  We’d have a more true waterfront downtown.

February 21 2014 The Future of Urban Freeways Is Playing Out Right Now in Syracuse

These are nice little things that the city can do.  However, the big things like revamping streets, creating B&O free enterprise zones to attract more businesses, and cutting red tape for new and historic (re)development projects will take a new City Charter. 

Amp up the city with a strong accountable Mayor, full time City Council members, and a utility and infrastructure division that can be used as an actual asset to a stronger Tacoma.  Up the utility rates of the peripheral communities to

February 21 2014 A Safe, Clean, Attractive Tacoma

Isn’t the main library branch five blocks from 11th and MLK - the heart of Hilltop?

February 21 2014 A New Library for Hilltop?

Likely shopping in downtown will not return during my lifetime.

January 29 2014 Wells Fargo to Relocate Main Branch

I would like to see a downtown mall on the large vacant lot across 13th and the first two floors (or more?) of the Wells Fargo building as a department store.

January 29 2014 Wells Fargo to Relocate Main Branch

That sucks.  It was such a fracas to get a grocery store in the first place.  Perhaps they’re ahead of their time.

January 23 2014 Tacoma City Grocer to Close

The garages need to be well labeled with consistent signage, graphics, pricing, hours of operation, etc.  I’ve lived in the area for years and still don’t know where these city garages are and what it costs to park in them.  In my hometown, they have “smart park” garages owned by the city and they’re all consistent in price, hours, payment types accepted, etc.  They’re easy easy easy and therefore people use them.

January 22 2014 Public Parking: Discuss (UPDATED)

Perspective needed:

January 19 2014 What goes in your time capsule?

In my new time capsule:
1.  A pothole.
2.  Streetcar promises.
3.  Pictures of vacant lots.
4.  Pictures of vacant storefronts.
5.  The B&O tax.
6.  Half the City Council’s unemployment status.
7.  Hotel Murano’s attorney budget.
8.  Red tape.
9.  A Frisco Freeze cheese burger.
10.  Fred Davie.
*Please note that this would be the most disappointing time capsule to open because nothing in it will change in the next 30 years.

January 16 2014 What goes in your time capsule?

Streetcar Cost Savings:

Downtown Route Alternative:


January 06 2014 Link Expansion: Choosing an Alignment

Am I the first comment?  Wow… you know I have to say something about this….

First off, a couplet is:  A single direction track on one street and a single direction track on another street that goes in the opposite direction two streets over.  Like B2 shown in the picture.  Transit extremists hate them because of their one demential view that everyone should ride transit and that the fastest possible route is the best option.  A block’s worth of walk or a transfer to go in the opposite

November 14 2013 Tacoma Link Expansion: Fine Tuning Begins

A hotel?  How about the recreation of the Tacoma Hotel that burnt in the 1930’s?  But put it on the bluff overlooking the bay, port, and Tacoma. This would be a huge point of pride for the city is think.

October 04 2013 Retail, Restaurants, Access in Plans for Point Defiance

Billy Shirley was shot at 5:30 in the morning. Are you saying that he could have been at a low paying starter job at that time?  Is it the low end minimum wage slum lords job to make sure there are no idle hands among Tacoma’s youth?

October 02 2013 Tacoma City Business Preview - Week of October 1, 2013

Any Grandmother will tell you, “Idle hands are the Devil’s tools.”  Ever heard that?  Community Centers occupy time for these kids.  No study needed.

If “equitable services” for the east side residents equates to money, than they probably have their share right now in entitlements.

October 02 2013 Tacoma City Business Preview - Week of October 1, 2013

Oh ya, I vote for the cool gothic light fixtures, like the ones on Pacific Avenue, painted in black, for the entire downtown grid.

October 02 2013 Tacoma City Business Preview - Week of October 1, 2013

Now there’s going to be a transportation master plan, perhaps a lighting master plan is in order.  As if the (about) thirty different types of lighting types in downtown are not inconsistent and bad enough, now they’ve decided to start painting them different colors.  What message does this send to outsiders?  How about possible new businesses or transplants?

October 02 2013 Tacoma City Business Preview - Week of October 1, 2013

This is already the nicest grocery store in town.  I wonder how they can improve on that…

September 28 2013 Major Remodel In the Works for Metropolitan Market

I “like” The City of Tacoma on my Facebook account.  This went out the other day as if they were bragging about it.  In fact, this is ok but the competitor for Puget Sound business is Seattle and they’re #9. 

So what if I were selling my product each day and informed my clientele that my products are the second best in this market when all things are considered.  Would I sell a whole lot of that product that way?  Should I be a proud sales representative and make sure and use that as my

September 27 2013 Tacoma: 65th Out of 200 for Business & Careers

I’ve heard that to pay for the new pay to ride program, it will take 4-12 years to recoup the money.  Is that worth it?

Also, why id the parking garage for this free and the Link is going to be a pay to ride service.  I know the garage is owned by Pierce Transit and the Link is run by Sound Transit but you’d think they could get together on this and charge for parking in the garage instead.  I mean, aren’t they after a dense downtown?  So why would they have a parking subsidy for suburbanites

September 27 2013 $1 Fare to Ride the Link

Big problems require big solutions and until there are some leaders willing to at least shoot for greatness, none of these issues will be solved.  The regressive conservative mantra of a utilitarian only form of government certainly won’t solve anything either.

Microsoft is just an example of a business the city could have recruited during the “most wired city” campaign and infrastructure improvements.  They could have had as little as a few employees here to hundreds - a lot of businesses and

September 15 2013 Economic Development: An End in Itself?

They should charge for parking in the parking garage instead.  It would be less punishing for those who chose an urban lifestyle.

September 12 2013 Tacoma Link Fare Proposal

What a great idea!
I used to conduct a tree plant for youth through the Boy Scouts when I lived in Portland.  We’d plant hundreds of trees in one day with our army of youth and volunteers helping.  Maybe the city can partner with a group like this and get trees planted en mass without paying for city staff to do it.

September 11 2013 Get Your Own Tree

Please read the website address for this site about 10 times out loud.  Do you still wonder why they aren’t covering stories outside of the downtown region?

September 09 2013 Tacoma City Business Preview - Week of September 10, 2013

I drove through here about an hour ago.  They did a beautiful job.  In fact, since everyone knows how bad this was before this project was done, perhaps it can be the poster child for what kind of infrastructure downtown needs to succeed.  It should be used as before and after examples for the 2% ballot measure coming up for vote.

September 04 2013 New & Improved Stadium Way Open to Cars and Bikes

Tacoma Screw Clear Channel… Dome.

September 04 2013 Name That Dome... Take 2...

What holds back Tacoma’s economic development?  Blaine nailed it with selecting the right quotes from folks.  From the mall killing downtown, shopping missing, security issues, perception, lack of infrastructure, B&O tax, JBLM and it’s transient society, the location and personality of the port, etc.  But, there’s one thing missing.  That’s the fact that Tacoma is so often “managed” and not “lead.”  So often you see a decision come through that’s analyzed from the perspective of a spreadsheet. 

August 31 2013 What Holds Back Tacoma's Economic Development?

I wish the City would buy this back and make it City Hall again.  They could build an annex across the street on the parking lot to the west.  I think that would be the only way there’d be guaranteed upkeep on this building through the decades.

Maybe then they could retrofit the Medical Arts Building into something else.  UW dorms maybe?  Office space?  A place for all of Devita?  Whatever…

August 26 2013 Old City Hall Designated as Dangerous Building

...and you are simply not able to rebut anything I have posted and are starting to melt down.

No, I just work for a living.  Having longwinded pissing matches online isn’t productive.  I’ve shared my thoughts.

August 23 2013 Tacoma City Council Meeting - August 20, 2013

Aren’t they basically saying that this company wants the property to break it up into pieces?  I thought the beauty of this property was that it’s so big that a developer could build a catalyst project for the area…

Who did the city ask to buy it?  What did they do to get who they want as a developer?  Did they try to go get who they want so they could get what they want on the site?  Did they ask developers what they would need to get an ideal plan done and ask them how it could/should

August 23 2013 City Receives One Offer For Premier Development Site

I am not an asphalt expert but I used to field a shocking number of questions from engineers, architects, and other people who should know as much as me about concrete and masonry.

August 20 2013 Tacoma's Prop 1: What Do You Need to Know?

Once upon a time, I was a concrete expert.  True story.  I worked for the most respected supplier or concrete repair and construction materials in the region and helped supply many projects in Portland.  I bid and sold nearly all the materials to TriMet projects, ODOT, and the various cities around the Portland area including streetcar, the Hawthorne Bridge reconstruction, and many of the Pearl District projects.  I know what I’m talking about when it comes to identifying concrete and masonry

August 20 2013 Tacoma's Prop 1: What Do You Need to Know?

That’s not more expensive than an overpayment? 

Overlay, not overpayment.

August 19 2013 Tacoma's Prop 1: What Do You Need to Know?

The difference between a street built pre-automobile and post-automobile is huge!  Are you kidding?  An asphalt or concrete street built on top of cobble stones or brick will not last due to the layers having different expansion and contraction rates.  The layers separate sooner than if they have the right underpayment for their type.  That’s much of the problem downtown.  Look at the webbing on Fawcett street.  It’s because the asphalt has lost it’s elasticity due to age and the layers are

August 19 2013 Tacoma's Prop 1: What Do You Need to Know?

Can we take one of those trees across town and plop it in Fred Davie’s front yard?

August 19 2013 Hilltop Diversitree Project Brings Foliage to Hilltop

I have been to The New Takhoman blog a few times and won’t go back.  It is the most disrespectful place on the Tacoma blogosphere where one can get their belly full of negativity, conspiracy theory, and backwards “news” from the most ignorant people in town.  So, no thanks.

August 19 2013 Tacoma's Prop 1: What Do You Need to Know?

I went downtown last night to have dinner and check out the Block Party event.  On my way home, I approached the traffic light at Sprague and 6th heading west.  The light was red so I stopped.  The sun was low in the sky and glared directly at me like only an evening sun can do.  As I approached the light, I couldn’t see the stop line.  I saw the crosswalk there but thought it was way too early and was fixated somehow on an asphalt patch that looked like the stop line.  I stopped too far into

August 18 2013 Tacoma's Prop 1: What Do You Need to Know?
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