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  • Sep 02 2013

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For the sake of humanitarian compassion, would you clarify your opposition to my efforts to improve the well-being of individuals in Tacoma?

My position is that socioeconomic problems are likely the result of fundamental problems in the form and content of political, social, and economic institutions and philosophies.

March 29 2015 A New Asia Pacific Cultural Center at Point Ruston?

As a professional persuader, I make every effort to talk to people on their own level, in their own language, in an effort to promote clarity and understanding.

In the culture of F-tardia, if 51% of F-tardians voted that one of their tribe was more than an ordinary F-tard, would their majority vote make the claim true?

No. Neither majority vote, nor words, can change facts.

March 26 2015 A New Asia Pacific Cultural Center at Point Ruston?

What an F-tard.

March 26 2015 A New Asia Pacific Cultural Center at Point Ruston?

The only thing untrustworthy, according to directly observable data, is your powers of observation and interpretation.

If I was as mean as you infer, I’d send you a brain cell so that you would have two to rub together.

March 26 2015 A New Asia Pacific Cultural Center at Point Ruston?

Seattle represents the global retirement community of 1930’s English boarding school exiles—-a population chronically habituated to flogging and sexual detours.

March 23 2015 Engine House 9 Tacoma: The Changing Face of Washington Brewing, Part One

“APCC Executive Director Lua Pritchard says APCC will tap into the EB5 foreign investment program, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Washington State Department of Commerce, the Legislative Capital Budget, the Pierce County Development Block Grant, corporate sponsors, private foundations, and community fundraising.” “...the center to be completed so that the history of immigrants — whether they be from China, Korea, Japan, Hawaii, Pakistan, India or any of the 47

March 23 2015 A New Asia Pacific Cultural Center at Point Ruston?

“Where praise for vision is deserved, Mayor Strickland earned it on this project.”—-paolo

City Hall, like atheism, is a non-prophet organization.

March 16 2015 Pierce Transit & Developer in Negotiations for Transit-Oriented Development Near the Tacoma Dome

“The only thing left to be done is to also find ways to revitalize the housing project proposed before the 2009 financial crash that a North Carolina firm had slated for development in the old mattress factory east of the Tacoma Dome Station parking complex.”—-paolo

They Said It Couldn’t Be Built…They Were Wrong.
Coming Spring 2025: An industrial area gated community so progressive, it has security guard towers…“FLOPHOUSE 2009”

March 15 2015 Pierce Transit & Developer in Negotiations for Transit-Oriented Development Near the Tacoma Dome

The Public Philosophy. Can You Live It?...
Experience a wild new idea for interdiffusion housing in Tacoma’s oldest walkable neighborhood. Carefree urban chic a stone’s throw from the railroad freight yard AND boxcar free convenience when you want it.

Meet new and mysterious strangers as they arrive and depart from the best of all possible transportation hub’s—-greydog, free light rail, city buses, police cars and more.

It’s a life for the taking at Tacoma’s newest experimental housing

March 12 2015 Pierce Transit & Developer in Negotiations for Transit-Oriented Development Near the Tacoma Dome

From Superfund to Super Fun, the opportunities in Tacoma are staggering, like Dome District transients.

March 11 2015 Pierce Transit & Developer in Negotiations for Transit-Oriented Development Near the Tacoma Dome

PUBLIC NOTICE: City of Tacoma is seeking ideas for a transit-oriented mixed-use development. Prefer theme drawings of buildings that reference elements in the nearby area. For example: Stacked Shipping Containers.

March 11 2015 Pierce Transit & Developer in Negotiations for Transit-Oriented Development Near the Tacoma Dome

The administration(s) in question may have some of idea of how finance and markets relate to social justice. The key organizing principle for this administration, “cooperative values replace competitive values,” was noted by the Mayor directly as “put the greater good of the entire community ahead of our individual needs.” (minute 20:55 in the video).

A community is composed of many sectors, public and private. So which sectors in the entire community does the current administration favor to

March 09 2015 State of the City: "More Than Potholes... Deep Repairs..."

“...there are not going to be meany consulting firms that are capable of dealing with a mess such as we live in and making heads and tails of the situation.”—JDHasty

The realm of alternative progressive politics is essentially traditional liberal orthodoxy with an ever-changing twist on the practice of identity politics—-the practice of organizing coalitions to compete for public resources and influence public policy.

Here in Tacoma, we are now again experiencing the discriminatory effects

March 09 2015 State of the City: "More Than Potholes... Deep Repairs..."

JDHasty, your explanation of the situation is informative and persuasive. The scale and degree of roadwork needed forces the question: How much manpower is needed?

The infotainment offered from this media event is that the effect of Tacoma’s bureaucratic continuity sometimes results in government make-work programs. Is the Mayor asking the community to pay for a legacy project?



March 09 2015 State of the City: "More Than Potholes... Deep Repairs..."

Has there ever been or is there now such a thing as militancy among minorities and women?

March 06 2015 State of the City: "More Than Potholes... Deep Repairs..."

Okay Jesse, let’s kick around some ideas. The video of the address records more than a couple of audacious moments, but at least two which at best could be dismissed as high drama.

It is often the case with regards to formal speeches and informal discourse, that the parties involved in an exchange seldom remember the content offered at the midpoint of a communication. It is the content at the beginning, and at the end which is usually remembered.

Assuming that is true, how should one

March 04 2015 State of the City: "More Than Potholes... Deep Repairs..."

“And I say to you, ladies and gentlemen, the solution to Tacoma’s problem today is the SAME SOLUTION to any problem of any city at any place and at any time: MO MONEY!”

March 04 2015 State of the City: "More Than Potholes... Deep Repairs..."

“Why doesn’t the City just cough up the pavement assessment and report?  Is it that the Mayor was just using a number she pulled out of thin air?”—JDH

The Mayor is simply a politician—-someone who is paid to say things that people want to hear. The implication of the street repair proposal, regardless of the lack of/or supply of adequate reasoned evidence, is that whatever the cost for street repairs, citizens will witness one of the largest “make work” programs in Tacoma’s history.


March 02 2015 Mayor Strickland Announces $500 Million Plan to Fix All the Potholes

What do we know about CRS (Citizens for Responsible Spending), and how do we know it? The shadowy arena of subversion is often populated by self-proclaimed consumers of leisure. Gig Harbor resident Jerry Gibbs, who represents CRS, described the grassroots committee as “retired guys with too much time on our hands.”

Is this true? CRS is a bunch of retired guys living an unstructured life? Fair warning, my fellow Tacoma and Pierce County citizens: Chaos wastes a tremendous amount of time

March 02 2015 County Services Building Faces Another Challenge, a Possible Referendum

Mayor Strickland Announces $500 Million Plan to Fix All the Potholes

Plan Cancelled After Whole City Dies Laughing

March 01 2015 Mayor Strickland Announces $500 Million Plan to Fix All the Potholes

Two transients, window shopping in downtown Tacoma, approached each other midblock. The first transient said, “Do you know the difference between capitalism and socialism?”

The second transient said, “Let’s hear it.”

“Well, in a capitalist economic system, man exploits man.”

The second transient shook his head and said, “Ah, but in a socialist system it’s vice versa.”

February 23 2015 Pierce County Council Approves Lincoln District General Services Building Plan

The immediate benefit of this project is that one of the spookiest sections of Pacific Avenue will be razed. Then in a matter of months, a vibrant public services building will provide the citizens of Pierce County with both a center of opportunity for employment, and for services vital to regenerating and sustaining the local community and beyond.

If just that promise is achieved, if just those expectations are met, then the new “less is more” GS building should satisfy the most cynical

February 18 2015 Pierce County Council Approves Lincoln District General Services Building Plan

Yes ladies and whatever, the day the new GS building parking area opens, I plan to drive my privately owned car into that lot and park there for a few moments of silent prayer. I am so thankful that this city, this county, this republic still has the potential to live according to the ideals of the founding fathers. The citizenry of this new GS building will signify by its planned reduction of expenditures and personnel, that the ideal of limiting the role of government in private lives can and

February 04 2015 Pierce County General Services Building: Growing Plans

“Imagine today if the county’s administrative headquarters rose by the Tacoma Dome, with convenient transit links aboard Sounder for residents of Sumner, Puyallup, South Tacoma and Lakewood to reach the facility. ...Tacoma needs to create the people-activity on the streets that fuels private investments that create jobs—and the county’s adminiative complex near the Tacoma Dome could serve that objective.”—-Paolo

Where does anyone get the idea that it is the role of government to

February 02 2015 Pierce County General Services Building: Growing Plans

“People addicted to Methamphetamine or Heroin are little different that those that are
Motor Vehicle dependant/addicted.The difference is that the Motor Vehicle dependant addicted (most of the population) are much more destructive to the environment.
If we follow our current habits and lifestyles we stupidly will self destruct as a country,as a species and take most of the species on Earth into extinction.
It’s like a danger like the rise of Nazism,the Japanese WW2 empire and World War 2

February 02 2015 2015 Will Be the "Year of the Bike" in Tacoma

“This is not an imagined global catastrophe scientists already recognize the anthropocene termed era,the sixth mass extinction the greatest extinction event in Earth’s geologic history with events already occuring due to human activity (now an increased 150 to 200 species going extinct every day).”—-RHTCCComedyfan

Gee, I guess you and your subsidized transit comrades are right. Civilization is on trial.

Anyway, the daily business of guiding, governing, and guarding Pierce County is the

January 31 2015 Pierce County General Services Building: Growing Plans

“Some short videos here on why automobile centric transportation methods are gravely flawed.Whoever has created this GS Building Plan for their transportation study should have been retired as their methodology is obsolete and from the past.”—-RHTCCComedyfan

The assumption here is that people only buy cars for transportation.

Here’s some unsolicited advice: It’s easier to change location than to change people (and I don’t mean change the location of the GS building).

All the propaganda,

January 30 2015 Pierce County General Services Building: Growing Plans

“The problem is that in this plan there is substantial public subsidization in more parking and a defacto mindset that just about everyone will drive…Parking is not free.  It requires acquisition of land, materials for construction, and continued maintenance.”—-Chris

It’s a self-evident fact that Pierce Transit and Sound Transit has built Park-N-Ride surface lots all over Pierce County. Who subsidizes those lots plus the multi-level garages they’ve built?

The bureaucracy and costs of public

January 30 2015 Pierce County General Services Building: Growing Plans

POST-TRAUMATIC PARKING LOT STRESS DISORDER—-The Progressive Degenerative Disease That Tax Dollars Won’t Cure

January 29 2015 Pierce County General Services Building: Growing Plans

There are no growing plans that include renaming the site the Utopian Socialists Plaza.

January 29 2015 Pierce County General Services Building: Growing Plans

Travel to and from the Pierce County General Services Building is currently a matter of choice left to the individual.

January 28 2015 Pierce County General Services Building: Growing Plans

PROBLEM: A city loans a private developer $31 million dollars. The payback term is 30 years. The financial means of payback is contingent on the success and future profits from the developer’s proposed high density commercial and residential project.

AXIOM: Value is not a statement of material fact.

REMEMBER: The main principle in structuring liabilities is to match the repayment of debt with the borrower’s ability to repay.

PROBLEM: Density can signify both a place and a state of mind.

January 26 2015 Annexing Point Ruston

Jesse, your personal preference and intuition about what should built and where, is just that—-your personal preference. Every individual is concerned about his own economic future—-and many ambitious politicians have built their careers on promises of a future utopia.

All roads lead out of Tacoma for a reason. Call it economic justice. The pressures of daily life in a highly regulated, densely populated, blind leading the blind cultural pinpoint on the map of Earth is something to run from.

January 26 2015 Group Challenges Planned Pierce County Administration Building Location

The great thing about Tacoma? It’s always looking for a new Superfund Site to add to its collection.

January 25 2015 Annexing Point Ruston

“...if the Pierce County building, circa 1890’s, would have been built in the Proctor District.”—-Jesse

The Proctor District, for all its posturing, has never been anything more than a way station for Ruston bound travelers.

In contrast, Pacific Avenue, south of downtown Tacoma, has served the greater Tacoma area for over one-hundred years as a primary state highway—-State Route 7 was built to effectively and efficiently serve city and county travelers.

January 25 2015 Group Challenges Planned Pierce County Administration Building Location

When that condemned stretch of Pacific Avenue receives the wrecking ball, the only tears shed will be tears of joy.

January 22 2015 Group Challenges Planned Pierce County Administration Building Location

Armchair social engineering can be fun, especially in a mixed-up city like Tacoma. First of all, the key assumption here is that the overall population of Tacoma will increase. If so, then how should Tacoman’s greet the future? What would a better future really look like?

Submitted For Your Approval: High density multi-family buildings, stocked with government created, ordained and sustained public transit-dependent cultural slaves.

Some call this picture New Urbanism, but that’s really

January 19 2015 Reviewing Tacoma's Mixed Use Centers

Aesthetically speaking, the stature of the building blends naturally into the landscape of Pierce Transit Routes 28, 41, and 57. But nothing was left to chance. It was all calculated to please the eye; and if the building was placed along Pierce Transit Routes 11, or 16, then no amount of creative adaptation would ever soothe the refined sensibilities of the neighboring cultural elite.

January 18 2015 Group Challenges Planned Pierce County Administration Building Location

According to modern Systems Theory, in order to build a proper bureaucracy, one must first refer to a proper bus schedule for guidance.

January 16 2015 Group Challenges Planned Pierce County Administration Building Location

“Perhaps if the government (Federal,State and Local) wanted to phase out unsustainable personal motor vehicle dependancy/ownership with uber expensive infrastructure, they should offer free or reduced cost housing or a huge monitary bonus to individuals whom choose to not own these anthropocene holocaust species extinction machines.”


January 15 2015 Reviewing Tacoma's Mixed Use Centers

If all Tacoma is a stage, I want to operate the trap door.

January 14 2015 America's Got Talent Comes to Tacoma

“...how would Tacomans react if a Walmart Express decided to locate in downtown Tacoma? We know of at least one available storefront ...”—E133

Walmart stores are not union organized. This week, I got schooled by a union cashier at Fred Meyer store. She said that Walmart cashiers earn about $11.hr without benefits vs. union cashiers earning $19.hr plus benefits. That may be true, but the fact that a special interest group can provide some advantages for organized labor, means also that it can

January 13 2015 Millennials Moving to the City Bring Target Along

There could be some positive consequences to the establishment of a downtown outdoor recreation supply business. Particularly one located in a reclaimed industrial building near the intersection of Pacific Avenue and South Tacoma Way. The possible world that I have in mind involves young adventurous rich kids buying designer camp gear and gentrifying the woodlands surrounding the Tacoma Rescue Mission.

January 11 2015 Millennials Moving to the City Bring Target Along

Transient Window Shoppers: The Untold Story Of Tacoma’s Economic Miracle

January 09 2015 Millennials Moving to the City Bring Target Along

Whether or not the West Slope Neighborhood of Tacoma is the last refuge for Western Civilization is a closed question. Where else in Tacoma should one expect philosopher-kings to preside over the surrounding city-states?

Beyond a reasonable doubt, the West Kingdom has already forged a contingency plan to deal with the invading bus loads of climate-change barbarians. Furthermore, does anyone really believe that the increase in city-wide bicycle paths and mid-block crosswalks were constructed

January 05 2015 A Conservation District to Preserve Lack of Density?

There’s a place for multi-level trailer parks and taco trucks, and this ain’t it.

December 30 2014 A Conservation District to Preserve Lack of Density?

Imagine two people applying for a job that pays $15.00 an hour. One person has knowledge, skills, and experience. The other person has none of those qualities. Yet, according to the law, both individuals are equal—-An inadequate, misleading, and harmful official viewpoint has blurred the distinction between rights and personal responsibility.

Who would want live in such a negative utopia, besides tyrants commanding a propaganda machine and a standing army?

December 27 2014 $15 Now Tacoma?

If I understand the concern about plastic as a topic of investigation and evaluation by the Tacoma City Council, the real question at issue is the long term viability of the city dump.

Broadly speaking, plastic objects are everywhere. Likewise, potential city dumps are everywhere.

There is no plastic bag crisis in Tacoma. There is no city dump crisis in Tacoma.


December 26 2014 Paper or Plastic? Or Maybe Not...

Unity is a thing of many degrees. Given the cultural context of Tacoma, placing a Warhol inspired veil over the Tacoma Dome, and the local Walmart, and especially City Hall, would offer a far greater value per dollar risked. The social democrats of Tacoma have distinguished themselves as aesthetes loitering among the gleams in a fading city. Let their passions find their release in the glorification of their temples.

December 16 2014 Warhol Flower for the Tacoma Dome Update

Subversion of individual freedoms is alive and real in Tacoma.

It should be plain and simple to understand that using the legal system to force the transfer of wealth from private employers to employees will not improve the condition of workers or employers. Denying people their right to self-determination sounds like a scheme to promote unhappiness in people, if not outright rebellion.

What about the worker’s right to sell his labor at the price he determines? Suppose one is willing to

December 16 2014 $15 Now Tacoma?

Who wouldn’t want paid sick leave? That’s like saying who wouldn’t want hot lunches for orphans. So whatever the case, the money is not likely coming from some benevolent good witch.

The money is coming from the unwashed masses. That’s right. A vote for paid sick leave is a vote for a cost of living tax—-A regular guy tax. The cost of goods and services will increase in order to pay for any cost of doing business, including wages and benefits. No business owner will pay out one red cent of

October 31 2014 City Council May Consider Paid Sick Leave Requirement for Tacoma Businesses

AMENDMENT 13: Background Checks On All Internet Based Illustrators. VOTE YES.
“It’s A Matter Of Visual Justice.”

October 25 2014 How to Vote on Charter Amendments, A Few Opinions

I read the News Tribune viewpoint by Seago and Seinfeld, and found it helpful in defining the issues. Their conclusion is that the current council-manager form of government, if abandoned, would lead to a submersion of quality service for citizens.

Regarding Proposal 8, is it possible that the council sees a need to extend term limits because history shows that Tacoma’s individual council members rarely represent the form of a vigorous independent character who has the experience of a

October 20 2014 Tacoma City Charter Amendments: Arguments For & Against

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the manufacture and distribution of arms is a significant economic driver.

Likewise true, sometimes bad things happen to good Tacoman’s.

Let modern science and technology record the confused intuitions of uncivil servants in favor of capitalism under an authoritarian regime.

September 22 2014 City Council Will Discuss Supporting Increased Gun Sale Background Check Requirements

There is no Smokey Bear. Smokey does not exist. Literally speaking, everything we say about Smokey is false. Smokey does not work for the U,S. Forest Service. Smokey does not roam the wilderness wearing a campaign hat, blue jeans, and carrying a shovel. Smokey is not a messenger of fire prevention.

But, we can say that there is a story we tell about Smokey Bear; and in that story it’s true that Smokey has those characteristics.

However, if someone thought that in the story,

September 18 2014 Black Bear Captured Near Puyallup Avenue & Dock Street in Tacoma

If cars are outlawed, then only outlaws will have cars.

September 15 2014 Help Fix Tacoma's Residential Parking Permit Program

“The bear is currently sleeping off the tranquilizer dart in the Metro Parks parking lot.”

Special care was taken to not disturb nearby employees sleeping off recreational tranquilizers.

September 14 2014 Black Bear Captured Near Puyallup Avenue & Dock Street in Tacoma

Smart questions, real questions should lead us well into the more practical problem: How can Tacoma acquire more public money to rebuild with style, finesse, and with a flourish?

September 07 2014 10 Ways Tacoma Can Improve Its Economic Outlook

Let’s all try to think this through. For starters, let’s assume that the City of Ruston can’t easily call a bank or a hard money lender and set up a line of credit. Yet, the City of Ruston has options. The former Ruston Way tunnel may be a potential asset.

When I read that the developer of Point Ruston has moved the site of an economic generator, a multiplex theatre from Ruston to Tacoma, the thought came to mind that maybe Tacoma could also gain by relocating the Ruston Way tunnel to the

August 18 2014 Point Ruston Threatens City of Ruston with $150 Million Lawsuit

August 11, 2014. Detroit Free Press staff writer Robert Allen.
Three suburban teenagers accused of spray-painting downtown Detroit buildings were arraigned today in Wayne County Circuit Court…The three teens are accused of spraying images such as hearts and the words “Welcome to Detroit” on buildings June 22 at Michigan Avenue and Griswold Street… Each of the defendants is charged with one count of malicious destruction of a building $1,000 to $20,000, a felony that carries up to five years

August 11 2014 Making a Statement: Tacoma Says "Enough!"

Whatever one wants to call/name the graphic expression accomplished at the Broadway Garages, or call/name whatever the Fab 5 accomplished in a likewise private setting, the consequences of those actions have nothing to do with graffiti, as the term is commonly understood.

It’s important to make a distinction between form and content, and furthermore distinguish the sphere of operations.

August 08 2014 Making a Statement: Tacoma Says "Enough!"

If a form of graphic expression defaces public property, say hosing City Hall with Silly String, then the Fab 5 gets a $10.00 commission to hose Starbucks corporate headquarters cubicles with Silly String, could a case be made that the Fab 5 are influencing the culture to a significant degree?

August 07 2014 Making a Statement: Tacoma Says "Enough!"

Aside from your commentary and mine on this topic about what is good for the culture, every other commentator claimed that the way things are is the way that things ought to be—the situation as it stands, cultural pluralism with its variations of truth, ought to be sustained and equated with a proper, correct, and viable way to think and act.

That relativistic view, championing unlimited personal preference and cultural differences, sounds all nice and fluffy, but it’s just bad thinking.

July 31 2014 "In God We Trust?"

I’ve been commenting on this blog since May, 2008.  I’ve sold cars in Tacoma since 2009. I’ve owned and operated a communications business in Tacoma since 1990. Whether any of that kind of action is useful or not is a relative question. So there are some things that are relative.

Just the same, there are some things that are absolute. For example, an absolute fool.

July 29 2014 "In God We Trust?"

“...tackle the REAL issues that plague this city.”—Sid

The realm of opinion by which most people define reality and make judgments and decide actions is a REAL issue, and a worthy target of philosophical inquiry.

The central issue of this debate is the nature of authority.

Let’s consider the testimony posted so far by the secular humanists—a political faction that is opposed to God and hostile to Christianity. No evidence has been put forth that proves the Christian worldview is

July 28 2014 "In God We Trust?"

Amazing But True! Secular Humanism is a religion.

July 28 2014 "In God We Trust?"

“Only a christian deals in absolutes.”—Brad Tankersley

Is that true? Are all mathematicians Christians?

July 28 2014 "In God We Trust?"

The Constitution and Bill of Rights is not a self-existent, unchanging, good that illuminates the world and provides a point of reference by which other things may be understood.

Plato is rolling over in his grave.

July 28 2014 "In God We Trust?"

And Now This Special Report From The Mofo News Network:
(MNN Staff. Tacoma WA.)
A manufactured financial crisis may result in reduced consumer spending. Consequently, the redistribution of product waste including packaging, from seller to consumer to landfill, may decline in excess of 50%.

The reliability of municipal scheduling of waste collection from consumers may be suspect as an indicator of economic conditions, however, the opportunity to herald a municipal good deed should never be

July 27 2014 Every-Other-Week Trash Pick-Up Update

“Furthermore, there should be some thought for making the sidewalks welcoming for pedestrians, with a dedicated bike lane, both screened from freeway sounds by concrete noise barriers.”—paolo

Historically, the Right To Silence groups have been underserved.

July 07 2014 Pacific Avenue to Close Over I-5

BONUS ESSAY QUESTION: How do you rate the usefulness of multiple choice questions as a diagnostic tool for formulating public policy?

1) Highly Useful 2) Useful 3) Kinda Useful 4) Don’t Know

1) Muy Bueno 2) Bueno 3) Okay 4) No Se

July 03 2014 How Do You Feel About the Quality of Life & Services in Tacoma?

I think the initial presentation of the west end drawings went wrong because the proposed retrofit follows the same roofline as the existing warehouse. A unique stand-alone rail station with an airy courtyard adjacent to a period appropriate refaced Freighthouse Square warehouse might serve as an acceptable compromise between WSDOT and the Dome District stakeholders.

The juxtaposition of different building styles and building materials is already a self-evident characteristic of the district.

June 30 2014 Freighthouse Square Amtrak Station, Take Two? Take Three...?

I suppose one could call Thea Foss Waterway a “high quality transit-oriented housing project” in the same sense that Community and Economic Development is calling East 25th St “a premier Transit Oriented Development site.”

The romanticism of yachts and trains and buses providing enviable status and adventure to mixed-income, socially disparate neighborhoods is the essence of Tacoma.

June 24 2014 Tacoma Dome Transit Oriented Development - Who's Interested?

“Which is about as valuable as any housing next to the Tideflats and train tracks is ever going to be.”—Jim C

On the up side, if the portrayed complex is built then the tenants from Thea Foss Waterway will finally have something to aspire to.

June 24 2014 Tacoma Dome Transit Oriented Development - Who's Interested?

This story, this fiction that Tacoma is inadequate without crosswalks and mid-block traffic signals and assorted concrete barriers to restrict the free flow of mechanized transportation—at what point did the alliance of lobbyists and government convince the general public that such a view is worthy of justified belief?

What is seen, and what is not seen in the eight photo’s posted at the head of this article?

June 23 2014 Next Steps for Pedestrian Crossing Improvements

Ladies and gentleman—and please think about those words—we people are not a means to serve the ends of mechanization.

June 23 2014 Tacoma Dome Transit Oriented Development - Who's Interested?

I agree that busses are a nuisance. But they often carry deadbeats to and from car dealerships, so maybe they serve some purpose. In all fairness, most of the roach coaches are basically mobile billboards, portraying crass messages that would make Hilltop Crips blush. So yeah, Teri and Cam, the real solution is more and better signs. And trees—tall trees, short trees, fat trees, skinny trees—super natural trees as far as the eye can see. Trees will beautify the centerline of South Tacoma Way,

May 28 2014 Cleaning Up South Tacoma Way

Since Civilization has not yet ended, there is no natural progression.

But beyond that, maybe the West Slope coalition would be foolish for not shifting there language by using terms like “Imposing Gentrification.”

May 27 2014 West Slope Neighborhood Conservation District?

I think I see your point. It’s impossible to make any sector of Tacoma foolproof, because fools are so ingenious.

May 27 2014 West Slope Neighborhood Conservation District?

Every asset that Tacoman’s are entrusted with—whether it’s money, procedures, buildings, land—all of it is depreciating. All of it is becoming worth less over time. All of it is becoming obsolete. The solution to this problem is to redevelop Tacoma into a chaotic overcrowded economic mechanism beset by the towering minutiae and complications generated by fools in a rudderless boat.

Is that your argument?

May 26 2014 West Slope Neighborhood Conservation District?

The Tacoma Mall at first was something like an island, like an oasis. It provided a safe, clean, controlled environment that transformed people’s dull and drudgery-oriented lives into lives that were full of entertainment and light, and possibilities and alternatives.

The barbarians have passed through the gates.

May 26 2014 (Re)Planning the Tacoma Mall Area

The West Slope Neighborhood offers certain unique benefits that no alternative neighborhood can offer. Factors such as the lot size, the water view, and the remoteness from high density populations are statements of material fact that contribute to both the economic value of the real estate, and the social well-being of individuals.

One may not ever have the economic means or the desire to live in such an idealized neighborhood, but its promise of spiritual liberation does present itself as

May 26 2014 West Slope Neighborhood Conservation District?

“The PSRC profile describes an area that is younger, more diverse, and more affordable on average than the rest of the region.”
“The Tacoma Mall Regional Growth Center represents a model opportunity for the redevelopment of an existing auto-oriented, low-density mall to become a compact and complete community center that supports local, regional and watershed scale best management practices.”

The assumption is that the area should be reshaped to accommodate the public transportation and buying

May 23 2014 (Re)Planning the Tacoma Mall Area

One could make the claim, “Art is Timeless,” and therefore Warhol’s 1982 flower art is as relevant now as ever. But I’d like to put forth that the tools and materials used to produce art do change with time.

Closer to the point, we could never reproduce Warhol’s flower on the Tacoma Dome because in 1982 no final plans were developed for production technique according to Warhol’s studio direction. We have no authoritative reference guide.

We could reproduce Warhol’s 1982 flower art on the

April 22 2014 Andy Warhol Flower or Corporate Sponsorship for Tacoma Dome?

The South Tacoma car dealerships are sales and service businesses that require mostly face to face interaction. They sell cars, car accessories, car maintenance services, car warranties, car insurance, car financing; and beyond selling they buy daily, thousands of dollars of cars and car related products and services.

The intersection of 56th & South Tacoma Way is one of the most dynamic points in Tacoma. I’ve watched the traffic flow there, and the stretch of South Tacoma Way on either side

April 19 2014 Cleaning Up South Tacoma Way

A commemorative marker, say just a smooth 50ft steel pole, a representation of an absolute and unchanging geometric form, a super-cylinder, would signify the higher plane of abstract thinking and progressive action that Tacoman’s are famous for globally. Call it “Tacoma Totem Pole.”

April 14 2014 Tacoma Totem Pole Contract: Going Once... Going Twice...

Best Thing About Goats: Goat Cheese Pizza!

April 09 2014 Spotted: Goats at McMenamins Elks Property


April 08 2014 Concessions Carts Wanted for Some Tacoma Parks

Once upon a time, a kid could look forward to travelling to Pt. Defiance Park. The concession stands sold peanuts, popcorn, soda pop—and maybe it a just a faint yet twisted memory, the menu also included hot dogs and cotton candy.

Whatever, that was then, and this is now. Cosmopolitan Tacoma get ready for tacos and teriyaki skewers and sticky rice.

Metro Parks, I raise my cup of bubble tea to you, along with a one finger salute.

April 08 2014 Concessions Carts Wanted for Some Tacoma Parks

“I can’t say I have ridden on every bus route in the city to make a determination to know the reality of whether it is hard or not to get groceries.  But it shouldn’t be controversial to identify those locations, make sure we provide service where it is needed, and make the world suck a little less.”

If there is a correlation between bus riding and scarcity of food, I’d like to hear about it.

As far as Walk Score’s link and contribution to the real estate industry, a sophisticated

April 07 2014 Do You Live in a Food Desert?

“I think you make bold statements about there being no scarcity and no restriction of socio-economic class.  I simply haven’t seen Tacoma’s data to make such claims.”

I don’t think I said anything controversial; my statement corresponds to reality.

The general controversy about the topic centers on the idea of progress and standards of measurement.

As far as academic virtue, playing games with words can be misleading, inaccurate, and harmful. Food Deserts, or say, Food Fights—what’s

April 07 2014 Do You Live in a Food Desert?

There is no scarcity of healthy food in Tacoma. Likewise, no socio-economic class is restricted access to food stores; access may be achieved directly or indirectly both locally and globally.

Should individuals just acquiesce to social machinations proposed by special interest groups? If the implication of Walk Score is that it serves as a useful measure of the vitality of Tacoma, then I reject that standard of measurement.

April 07 2014 Do You Live in a Food Desert?

There’s a great new invention that will save the average household hundreds of dollars in shoe expenses. It’s called a refrigerator.

April 06 2014 Do You Live in a Food Desert?

My neighborhood includes an “N” and is quite economically and ethnically diverse, progressive, and full of neighbors who know and like each other.

Anybody in the federal prison system could say that.

March 28 2014 Advice on Moving to Tacoma

“If approved the signage would be installed at no cost to the City, whereas any additional sales gained from driver’s [or anyone] directed to the strip would bring in revenue.”—Exit133

Sounds great. Someone’s got to bankroll society.

“People shouldn’t squander money on unneeded possessions when they ought to be spending it on public works.”—paraphrase from Professor John Kenneth Galbraith, Harvard.

March 26 2014 "Tacoma's Auto Row" Becoming Official

Leisure travel by private car is an all-consuming passion for millions of people.

South Tacoma car dealerships as a destination, and as an all-points export commercial district is a self-evident fact.

Freedom to travel, plus capitalism, equals the potential for a higher standard of living for everyone.

I sell cars on South Tacoma Way. Look me up.

March 24 2014 "Tacoma's Auto Row" Becoming Official

At one scene break, the car turns right at North 6th and North E ST, and heads south toward Stadium High School. The two blocks of houses on the east side of North E ST between North 6th and North 4th are still standing.

As the car turns right on North 4th ST, the camera shows homes that no longer stand along the west side of North E ST from North 4th to North Stadium Way. That stretch now contains a parking lot for the Vista Del Rey apartments, and south of that a vacant grassy field, and

February 12 2014 A Rare Vintage Look at Tacoma

In view of the new concentrated power comprised of the Mayor and Deputy Mayor, what expectations should Tacoman’s have? I say that there’s a 50/50 chance that together they will fulfill their service to Tacoma according to the obligations of council duty.

We have heard from the City Attorney that a councilman has the legal right to take leave of absence beyond a year’s time for military service. There’s nothing to stop the Mayor or Deputy Mayor from leaving the council individually, or

January 12 2014 Tacoma City Council Meeting - January 7, 2014

“Of the $120,000 sale price, 5% will go back to the CDBG fund, and the broker will need to be reimbursed. The remaining sale proceeds of $106,800 will go back to the general fund. The Library board has requested that those funds go back to the maintenance of other library properties.”

Maybe some of the folks on the Library board assumed incorrectly that “pruning the branches would save the vine.”

January 09 2014 Tacoma City Council Meeting - January 7, 2014

“Deputy Mayor Woodards pointed out that for the first time in Tacoma’s history we will see two African American women on the dais as Mayor and Deputy Mayor.”

The council voted unanimously that she said that.

January 09 2014 Tacoma City Council Meeting - January 7, 2014
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